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Thousands of users discuss all things WordPress in the most popular WordPress forum. The presented materials from the ClassiPress forum are still available for download, but are now password-protected. Hello, we have a form that is managed with CLassipress. Any of you guys try Classipress?

Download modes

At the moment only a demonstration of this topic is available until I have worked out a way to invalidate your classification licence, as this is not a free opensource project. The presented material from the ClassiPress forum is still available for downloading, but is now password-protected. When you' ve come here from the forum, go back to the forum and submit a PM to "scarstens", who is the creator of these modifications, as I now have to approve your acquisition by the creator, David Cowgill, at his behest, not to share whole pages of coding.

This is ClassiPress theme-functions.php mod, We no longer support the downloading of this modified game. ClassiPress 3.0.3 does not require the modifications within this files anymore. Now this topic is a top priority. Have a look at the demonstration website, which also contains pages explaining the functions it offers you.

Feel free to use our contacts or ask for an offer page to inform yourself about the purchase of the topic. We can also provide you with a quotation for custom functions that you can use.

Classipress and Social Login (by Appthemes)

Keep to tech questions - and keep in mind no sensitive information - these are open fora! Social Logon is the plug-in suggested by Apple apps for use with their topics. I am using Classipress and have just downloaded the Social Logon plug-in. Logon will appear on both the logon and tab pages, as described in the plug-in documents, but the'Description to be shown using the Social Logon buttons' on the tab page is completely out of place or incorrect.

This seems to contradict the fundamental function of the subject itself.

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