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The Easy Credit Payments plugin allows your Classipress site to activate credit payments. It would be fantastic, I think, if the Code Canyon community would consider developing plugins for the classipress Wordpress theme. The plugin also works with sub topics. Begin monetizing your classifieds site now and check out the largest collection of ClassiPress plugins to enhance your ClassiPress site.

Plugins Suggested

We have very mature topics, but they can't do everything and probably shouldn't. We have some of the best WordPress designers who develop more than just applications. Take a look at some of the free plugins we make available to the WordPress comunity. Scriptbu, (one of our Cracker Developer & WordPress Core-Contributor) also has a variety of free plugins.

Plug-in for managing the partner programme. Here is another plug-in that allows the user of your website to log in with user names and password from the community area. Initially we suggested using this function with our own application but the people making this plug-in thought that our customers should have a different one. You took the trouble to make sure your plug-in worked with all of our topics.

It' re definitely a good idea to test this plug-in for use on your website. is a free and chargeable plug-in. Payed version offers extra functionality and allows more people to use it. You can use this plug-in to easily create and edit your own sharing symbols for RSS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube,'Share' (for over 200 other online sharing platforms) and your own personal sharing symbols.

Extraordinarily high-performance and user-friendly WordPress anti-spam plug-in that removes comments spams, contacts spams, registry spams, tracking back spams, pending back spams and any other kind of WordPress spams. Since April 29, 2012 the WordPress by Yoast plug-in WordPress has been working with ClassiPress, JobRoller and Clipper. Vantage has not yet been tried.

Yoast's Wordprocess WebPress is a free plug-in. It is very useful for the management and tracing of your downloaded files. Stripe payments plug-in allows you to receive your Stripe cards through the Stripe Paymentgateway on your WorPress page (so you can simply resell your product and services). Your clipper-based page.

The Coupilia offer a probationary phase for all user. Simply download and run the plug-in and select a voucher feeder schedule that is right for you. oupilia for Clipper is a free plug-in. The Microthemer is a powerful tool that lets you redesign everything on the site. Microthemer's creator has taken the trouble to ensure that this plug-in works with ClassiPress, Clipper, JobRoller and Vantage.

Although we have tried these plugins with our own software, we cannot promise that a particular plug-in will work for you.

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