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It is a powerful WordPress application, but requires correct configuration before you can use it. First Steps with ClassiPress It is a high-performance WordPress program that needs correct settings before you can use it. The following are some instructions on how to set up and set up your ClassiPress topic. When you are completely new to WordPress, we suggest that you read the "Install WordPress" instructions before starting ClassiPress.

Installation of WordPress - Best declared on the site Allows many new advertising banners in ClassiPress. The Legendro is a neat, easy and quick reacting ClassiPress children's game.

ClassicalPress Childrens Topic Tutorial (Part 1)

All of you have been eagerly waiting for instructions on how to create a children's topic. The first part of this tutorial covers the fundamentals. I will try to believe that you know nothing about WordPress or children's topics. However, it will take you to be able to perform some basic tasks such as FTP to your own FTP servers, browsing the folder tree, and uploading and downloading WordPress documents.

I have to show you here that I was downloading the latest WordPress release at the moment of creating this post. I then put the file on my desktops and browse to the topics subdirectory. I already copies my acquired "ClassiPress" topic folders into this one.

The next step is to make our directory "CHILD THEME". In this example we use "classipress_child". Therefore, you should generate a new directory with this name in the "Topic Folder". Once you have finished, your Filesavigator should look something like this. Open our directory "classipress_child" and generate the first and only needed one.

Name of the filename is "style.css". Change this filename and add the following code: Import url("../classipress/style. css"); Import url("../classipress/styles/red. css"); you can substitute your own information for the author's information, but remember that you do not want to change any of this information after activating this topic, as it may deactivate the children's topic or cause you a temporal bug.

We want this to incorporate all genuine lifestyles into the children's topic. Also, you must "Disable Core Stylesheets" on the ClassiPress preferences page: Just copy and paste it into the page "style.css" and attach it to the data sheet, while preserving all the remaining codes. Last thing you're gonna do is post your kid topic.

They need a fundamental knowledge of FTP to be able to move your subordinate topic directory to your topic directory on the servers. Once you are done, you will see both the "classipress" and "classipress_child" directories in the MS-WordPress Theme folder. Usually this directory on the remote computer is under " /public_html/wp-content/themes/".

A further one is to use the Word-press wp-admin pages to upload your sub themes, but it is not advisable if you are planning to change your documents frequently. Just drag and drop your whole "classipress_child" topic directory into a single archive. Under Windows, usually right-click the directory -> Move the mouse pointer over the "Send To" drop-down list and choose "Compressed (zipped) Folder" as shown here.

After you have uploaded the new children's topic that we have just added using the tools "Appearance -> Topic Upload" or FTP, we now have to enable the children's topic. When you have followed the instructions here properly, you will see the children topic when you click on WordPress Admin -> Appearance. Click on the button "Appearance".

Then you will enable the subordinate topic as shown. You' ve just made your first ClassiPress children' topic! Now at least you have full creative power over all ClassiPress styles that you can undo simply by reactivating the initial ClassiPress topic. This is a pre-view of what the tutorial does (click to enlarge):

Part 1 of the tutorial on children is now finished. You can now be prepared to delve more deeply into the sub-themes by attending Part 2 of the book that explains how to use the features. pdf and how it will help you change the features of your topic.

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