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The Classy Foundation is the world's largest fundraising platform for non-profit organizations. WorldPress plugins for demanding customers The WordPress application supports a large number of web sites with significant margin. The classy blogs even run on the beloved CMS as well. So it is not strange that a WordPress plugin was frequently asked for during the rollout of the new Classy API. Classy' new Application Programming Interface (API) is a high-performance tool that is simplified by plug-and-play features such as WordPress plug-ins.

For example, the WordPress plug-in allows any non-profit website running on WordPress to use the Classy API without having to type complicated script. by entering simple text (called an abbreviation) into your WordPress page or your blogsight. WordPress plug-in uses the Classy API to retrieve information from your Classy accounts and view it on your website.

Rather than individually encoding a progression chart or fund-raiser ranking list, the plug-in considers your individual accounting information and compiles the information for you. Everyone in your squad can build a new page or blogs on WordPress and retrieve classy information using shortcuts (simple instructions such as [classic campaigns history]). Now Classy has published a first release of our WordPress plug-in.

Now the following shortcuts are available, but more will be added in the future: Mittun has developed a WordPress plug-in named Classy Press. At the Collaborative, they demonstrated their versions of the plug-in and showed the face of all people how simple it is to use. From July 14, you can view and downloaded the beta via their website.


Elegant Wordpress plugins support articles

At Classy, we design and maintain Wordpress plug-ins so our clients can extend their Wordpress pages with off-the-shelf content and plug-ins for presenting them. Classy plug-ins provide easy, customized functionalities to improve our customers' Wordpress pages. The Wordpress plug-ins are designed to allow our clients to simply embed summaries of campaigns into their Wordpress pages rather than having an experienced developer "develop code".

The plug-ins also allow clients to extend Classy functionality without having a thorough knowledge of Classy database structure or integrate coding. This short text API is a Wordpress coding line that allows clients to quickly and efficiently associate with their Classy datas. Your home site can present the information in a consistent way, quickly and simply, without a great deal of work.

In the following example of a short text HTML widget, a progression chart would show the overall amount of money collected for a given promotion. WordPress is a small piece of classy coding that executes a certain feature and is configurated in the client's Wordpress page setup dialog. Clients can include these Widgets in the Wordpress page bars, also known as Widget-ready areas, on their campaigns page.

Stylish Widget renders custom information in a graphic form. List the most important points of a given give or give action in table form, including: Val Classy Campaign ID, Titel (Replaces the default Classy Campaign Titel. In order to use our plug-ins, you must first load the Classy Wordpress plug-ins and place them in a certain folder on your computer.

In order to be able to download it, please go here. After installation, type your Classy Application Programming Interface (API) login information into the page of the Wordpress Admin dashboard and click the Save button. As you know, when you move away from this tabs, return, and see the remaining logon information you typed, the logon information is stored properly.

Please read our tech support document here for more information on the Wordpress plug-in.

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