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The Clean Blog Responsive WordPress Theme is a great theme for any creative blogger, with clean design and minimal layout. Spirit version of Clean Blog Ghost - WordPress - Anchor CMS version of Clean Blog Anchor - Blogger. This is a minimalist and very clean topic for blogs and magazines of any kind. Computers:

Clean Blog

1 - The Clean Blog is a meticulously designed bootstrap blog theme without side bars that is ideal for face-to-face or corporate use. 2 - Fully reactive, with a modern design and a distraction-free blog text optimised for readability, with a menubar surface that is displayed when scrolling up!

3 - Define an article's or page's picture to become a highly reactive, customized wallpaper of parallaxes in full-screen mode! 4 - Gallery are shown in a highly reactive, touch-friendly picture light box when pictures are associated with their particular mediums. The new, enhanced submenu -deep menus on the desktops and mobiles can include 5 major elements and 5 minor elements on the desktops.

There is no restriction on articles on the phone. The Unslider slide control is fully incorporated into the design, with high-performance and fun customizers! 8 - A pretty and classy preloader, 28 inclusive simulations, with countless control elements, allows you to offer your users a great preload of your website.

Cleaner Blog - SEO Optimized WordPress Theme by WikeoThemes

With a view to searching machines like Google and Bing we have provided the appealing topic Clean Blog. It' a perfectly reactive and beautiful SEO-friendly and SEO-optimized WordPress blog topic. The Clean Blog is encoded in a new way, where it asynchronously downloads everything and has meticulously arranged scripting so it downloads as quickly as possible.

Nearly every topic downloads JS, CSS and many other codes in an old and obsolete way - We have tried this topic on many different server and tried it with the Pingdom Page Speed Test utility, which compared it to the Rest of the Web. The theme had an avarage usage of 0.6 seconds on slower server, which makes it quicker than 94% of all other sites.

It went all the way down to 350 miliseconds on honest to high speed server, which makes it quicker than 97% of any other website. Not long will it take many topics to begin to copy this technology to optimise loading times, but until then we are the first doers of which we are very proud.

In order to reduce the loading speed to an bare minimum, we' ve used almost no Jquery and as little Javascript as possible, which means that fluent scroll and other functions are currently not available - but we are currently working on a way to make them implementable without slower page speed, which is a challenging but feasible one.

The Clean Blog is fully customizable, it has more than 70 preferences and 4 widgets: This topic works with almost every individual plug-in and provides support for the following mail types: Perfectly optimized SeoMeta Tags Clean Blog follows the latest smoke emission norms and policies, the theme has every day that you can think of.

Perfect On-page Clean Blog follows Google's own 100% On-page Clean Blog Policy, so it virtually has perfectly clean On-page Seam. The CleanCodeClean Blog has fully optimised HTML coding, Javascript, CSS as well as no needless coding. Ideal Page Speed Clean Blog has a loading speed of 350 ms, which makes your website quicker than 97% of all other sites.

Plugin Collection We have gathered all your Page Tempo and Page Tempo plug-ins in the Clean Blog, so all you have to do is click here to download. Responsible Design Scoring 100/100 in the Google Insight Usability Test, Clean Blog is fully responsible and works on any display type and every gadget.

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