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Functions in the free Clean Portfolio Free Version A free portfolio WordPress themes specifically developed to free your creative imagination. The Clean Portfolio is extremely clean and stands for ease and serenity. The Clean Portfolio offers functions that are suitable for marketing your product or service, the possibility to build a portfolio, integrate your business with your business, and much more.

WordPress is a free multi-purpose portfolio of themes that makes your website easy, clean and user-friendly, no matter what kind of website you have. The Clean Portfolio is stunning, aesthetic and easy to use, yet feature-rich WordPress multi-purpose topic that puts your work in the spotlight. Its design is perfect for any type of website, be it a blogsite, an e-commerce shop, a portfolio or a company website.

Layouts options: Contents: You can use Essential Component Category to obtain different kinds of contents. Layouts options: Color layouts for archiving contents. 2 colums, 3 colums and 4 colums selection facility. Full page, layouts selection and selection facility for selecting posts, page, category, picture and user-defined posts from ( Essential Content-Type Plugin required). Full page.

Choose the Contents as Post, Page, Category, Image, and Custom Post Types (requires Essential Contents Plugin ). Complete Website. Choose the Contents as Post, Page, Category, Image, and Custom Post Types (requires Essential Contents Plugin). Selection options for the testimonial layouts. Themes can be downloaded directly to your blogs by using the Add New Themes submenu in the Appearance submenu.

In order to have a new WordPress themes added to your WordPress install, perform these essential steps: In order to refresh the topic via FTP, please complete these essential steps: The topic is strongly based on featured images. When your contribution lacks a featured picture, the mail picture is not displayed on the home page, on pages that have been archives, and in the featured page slider.

To see how you can insert a featured picture into your post/page, click here. Slide control image: But how do I insert a featured picture in Post/Page? Navigate to the posting editor/page where you want to view the picture and find the Featured Images panel in the lower right hand corner under Page Attributes. Select Set Featured Images.

Meanwhile, if you have just modified your design, you must re-generate the picture preview for the posted article before you can activate this design. This design can be customized with great extra functions via the customizer under "Appearance => Customize" in your WordPress Dashboard. The Clean Portfolio provides thrilling menu options! The topic discusses and encourages the use of custom menus.

A custom menu can be created via "Appearance => Menus" in your WordPress Dashboard. The Clean Portfolio support 1 presented fader style which is a side-oriented fader. If you want to use feature enhanced sliding option, go to "Appearance => Customize => Thermal option => Enhanced slider". Choose the number of sideshifters under "Number of slides". You can randomly view the slideshow when the picture is fetched.

The Clean Portfolio provides support for the contents presented. In order to activate the presented contents, you must have downloaded and activated the Essential Component Types plugin. If you want to use feature rich contents option go to "Appearance => Customize => Subject Option => Features Content". In No of Featured Content, choose the number of times you want to view your featureted content. 4.

The Clean Portfolio provides 1 hero content selection, i.e. from the page. Hero content option go to "Appearance => Customize => Topic option => Hero content option". Our free Essential Content Typ plug-in can be installed via this hyperlink and you can click on it to go through the process.

Choose Portfolio Elements under Portfolio 1, Portfolio 2 and so on. Perform these procedures to append, organise, and view feature content: Press Essential Contents => Click New to add new elements for feature rich contents. Choose Structured Contents 1, Structured Contents 2, etc. Choose the required Structured Contents elements to be displayed.

Activate On: You can deactivate homepage / start page, whole page or all. Choose the number of requested utilities. "Choose the type of product you want to view. Currently Clean Portfolio has 4 widebar areas: sidebar, 2nd footer one, 3rd footer two, 4th footer three Go to "Appearance => Widgets" or "Appearance => Customize => Widgets" in WordPress.

Select "Appearance => Widget", then dragging the widget into the Widget Area or you can click into the widget, then the listing of wideget areas will appear, now you can select the required wideget area and click "Add Widget". If you go to "Appearance => Customize => Widgets", you will find a listing of what areas the Widgets are in.

If you click on the respective widget area, you will see the "Add a Widget" button by clicking on it. You can find a number of widgets that you can attach to the area. When you are in the Layouts options, you can enable the Site Layouts setting that determines your layouts.

Now you can customize your own style sheet that overrides the topic style sheet for further customizations by selecting "Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS" in your WordPress Dashboard.

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