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We' ll show you some smart ways you can clean it up. Find out how to clean WordPress with WP-Sweep. Note that your WordPress installation has been running a bit sluggish lately?

Cleanup Optimiser WP

How do I optimize my databases? The optimization of databases help reorganize the way tabular and associated indexes are physically saved to minimize disk usage and increase I/O efficiencies when accesses the spreadsheet. Now you can view a previewer of your spreadsheet information saved in your databases with a click without having phoneMyAdmin at all.

Use the Clean Up optimizer deletion options to remove or erase the chosen table from your data base without accessing your data from phpMyAdmin. Simply click on the "Remove" button. Login logs are what they are - usernames, IP address, location, logon date and time, logon status, and IP address lock actions. Traffic logs allow you to keep abreast of the actual visitors to your site and their geolocation on the maps.

Visitor information such as username, IP address, location, login date and time, and IP address blocking measures can be viewed. Stay up to date with real-time data on your location and the location of your location on the maps with our data. Display the detail screen describing the user name, IP address, location, logon date and time, and how to lock the IP address.

Which is the IP address function? The Clean UP Optimizer allows you to secure your website from a specific IP address. Was ist block IP range function? The Clean UP Optimizer allows you to lock IP areas to prevent your website from being accessed by unauthorised people. Which is the Auto IP blocking function?

Activate Auto IP Block for your website. Once the IP address has exceeded the allowed number of logins, the IP address is locked for a certain period of inactivity. Which is the maximal attempt to log in? The Clean UP Optimizer allows you to configure your website's logon attempt limits so that the IP address is locked whenever it goes beyond the specified threshold.

It is possible to set the preferences to send e-mails when the users log in successfully or incorrectly, or when the IP address or IP range is locked or unlocked, until my dashboard slows down in mid-August. "WP Clean Up Optimizer:

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