Clipper Coupon Theme

The Clipper Coupon Theme

Clipper Theme is a professionally created, coupon-oriented design developed for bloggers working in the business world. Build a coupon website with Clipper WordPress theme. Therefore, it is very often the case that we often search for a coupon, rebate key, or promotion before we click the Buy Now link. Consequently, coupon pages are always in high demand. ý Consequently, there are also several large coupon pages.

However, this does not prevent them from opening their voucher shops.

Whilst the big names are like retail stores offering everything, there are still opportunities for specialty, niche-based coupons. Now you can still make a coupon page for yourself and earn some cash with it. If you create a coupon page in WordPress, the first thing you need is an appealing, matching theme.

Appthemes Clipper is our only option that is perfectly suited to quickly create a coupon page. Today I will take a closer look at the Clipper WP templates and see what they have to say. WordPress Clipper theme is a vibrant coupon theme with many high performance functions.

Because the theme features multiple monetisation techniques, you can make easy cash with your new website. Clipper contains, among other things, the necessary features to control and customize the appearance of your website. You can use the Cloudy Notes feature to create, modify and administer cloudy notes. Clipper comes with several integrated payments as I already said.

In addition to earning cash with voucher recommendations, you can use the built-in payments method to bill your website users for publishing vouchers. Fortunately, the clipper theme for WordPress comes with a very practical function to conceal the affilate link. There also comes with special page styles for the shops and catagories.

So you can simply create your own customized coupon category and shop. With this topic you can allow your customers to also send in their vouchers. It is advisable in this case to keep the overview over things like the new users registering, the filing of new vouchers etc.. The clipper theme for WordPress is delivered with a special Dashboard.

Navigate to Clipper -> Dashboard to get acces to the dashboard. Of them, two are the most useful for you - Clipper Info and Stats. The Clipper Info shows the amount of active vouchers, the amount of outstanding vouchers and a link to the topic board and the document. Stats Widget displays voucher statistic for the last 30 trading day.

The Topic Option area is found under the Appearance menus in most contemporary designs. It does, however, have the theme settings on the Clipper -> Settings page. The Site Configuration page provides choices for selecting the colour theme, logos, favicon, Twitter, Facebook link delivery, Google Analytics tracker key and Feedburner URL.

General Preferences section contains option to modernize new vouchers, new trades that require coupon enrollment, allow coupon edits, allow HTML, show coupon counters, allow picture files and more. Finally, the section "Search Settings" contains seperate settings to activate your own statistics and remove your blogs and pages from the results.

The ' Settings' section allows you to limit administrator privileges to certain users only. Then you can activate Google reCaptcha in the section "reCaptcha settings", make the reCaptcha available to the users and select a design for theaptcha. Reports Coupon Settings section allows you to adjust the text of coupon reports, adjust the grounds for reports, and allow anyone to submit a coupon.

In the ' Report Voting Settings' section, you can clear all coupons. A special box exists for the provision of your own ad-sense codes. Like the name says, this page contains the extended settings. You' ll find various ways to deactivate your kernel style sheets, activate your bug ging modes, use Google CDN jQuery, WordPress release hidden tags, add a hidden WordPress beta tags, add a hidden WordPress icon, etc.

A special section is also available to adjust various user-defined mail types option, specifying basic mail types, categories, storage and tags. In order to adjust the e-mail settings, go to Clipper -> E-mails. This page is subdivided into three tab pages - General, New User and New Coupon. This section allows you to select whether you want to receive an e-mail alert for a new coupon, a coupon review, and a coupon cut.

This section provides an optional way to activate customized emails when a new subscriber is registered. You can use some variable to specify information about the users in the e-mail. The available choices available includes your login name, your e-mail adress, your passphrase, etc. Just like the new account, you can also activate e-mail notifications for new coupons.

Available coupon tags for the new coupon includes coupon titles, coupon codes, shop name, descriptions, as well as customizable coupon URLs. Once you have made changes to the e-mail settings, click the "Save Changes" icon to use them. Above you will find the standard titles and descriptions for your coupon.

Below in the Coupon Meta Fields section, you can specify the coupon creator, coupon number, coupon class, target URI, ad URI, expiration date, and coupon style. To the right there are seperate areas for tag, categories and memory settings. It is also possible to define a feature picture for your coupon.

Please find a complete coupon listing under the heading: Copies -> Copies. This page displays all pertinent information about the vouchers, such as voucher titles, authors, shop, categories, voucher types, voucher codes, number of commentaries, dates, voices, clicks/views and CTR. Each coupon on this page can be edited, viewed or deleted.

The Clipper WordPress Theme comes with a standard theme called 'Electronics'. In order to display a complete listing of all available catagories, go to Coupons -> Catagories. You can also add new tag information either from the new coupon page or by going to the Coupons -> Coupon Tag page. Clipper comes standard with a shop - Amazon.

They can also add new shops on the new coupon page. They can see a listing of all shops on the page Coupons -> Store. There are three coupon models for this theme - coupon code, printable coupon and promotion. It is also simple to add a new coupon by going to the Coupons -> Couponarten page.

In addition to the simple coupon and account administration system, the Clipper WordPress theme is also equipped with several other useful functions. Conveniently export vouchers from other websites as CSVs. Dominating Importsystem works properly with customized field and mailtype. To use this function, go to Clipper -> Importers.

Since the theme follows all best programming practice, this theme seems to be fully optimised and quickly downloading website. This theme is also optimised to improve your overall performance in terms of your overall performance in this area. You can expand the standard functions of the theme by generating a subordinate theme. Topic pack comes with a sub-topic; all you need to do is load and enable it.

Fully compliant with WPML and WordPress Multi-site. For $99, you can get the Standard Clipper Bundle, which allows you to use the theme on any number of pages for a life time, including 12 month periodic maintenance and upgrades. Setting up a coupon page could be an great way to make some additional cash.

The Clipper theme offers all the necessary features in one clear and concise bundle. Clipper's easy yet powerfull features let you quickly build your coupon page. Do you plan to build a coupon securities page? Let me know how you like our Clipper Topic Review.

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