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Time-related article reading Shepherd Gate Clock, Royal Observatory, Greenwich, UK. The GMT remains the same throughout the year, no DST (summer time) regulations are applicable. What are the time zone boundaries of the USA? The miniature watches below show the time in some of them for your convenience. With our world clock and watch apps you will get immediate responses to time questions.

Just think, you travel to another part of the globe and wake up much sooner or later because of the different time zones. It would be useful on vacation to know when the rising and setting of the day's rays is before our organic clock even starts. Set a timer for your own individual landmarks or special occasions with the help of the tools provided by our Business Intelligence team.

GMT is used so that you can divide the selected time and date across international borders without having to worry about summer time and time zones. Learn more about lunar calendars, Shakespeare and time and definitions of time.

To adapt it to the southern hemisphere.

After last week's inter-Korean peak, North Korea altered its time zones to coincide with the South, according to the state medium. On Friday at 23:30 hours locale time (15:00 GMT) the country's watches went 30 min before noon. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump says he has an appointment for his meet with the Northern Front commander Kim Jong-Un.

"We' re on a date now and we have a place, we will announce it soon," Mr Trump said to reporters in front of the White House on Friday, saying he expected "very, very good things" to come out. On May 22, Mr. Trump will receive South Korean Prime Minister Moon Jae-in at the White House to talk about the forthcoming summit.

How much time does North Korea have? So far it was Pyongyang time, which is half an hours behind South Korea and Japan. In 2015 it launched the additional 30 min as resistance against the "evil Japan imperialists" because its lessons were adapted to those of Tokyo when the Korean peninsula was under Japan's domination.

Korea (which is nine an hour ahead of GMT) had also distanced itself from Japan in the fifties, but changed back again in the sixties. In Panmunjom, the city in the so-called Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), where the heads of the two nations recently gathered, two watches - showing time in North and South Korea - stand side by side.

Following the discussions, the South Korean Chairmanship sent a teet to say that Mr Kim was desperate because he saw the timekeepers. When' re we gonna get together, then? President-elect Dr. Trump did not provide detailed information on the time and place of the groundbreaking encounter with Mr. Kim. Earlier, Mr Trump said that there was a predilection for a summit in the demilitarised area between North and South, but Singapore is also an optional arrangement.

It was proposed in March and tentatively arranged after a Southern-Korean delegation had convened with Mr Kim in Pyongyang and later paid a visit to the White House. It is already assumed that talks will be conducted on the liberation of three US captives in North Korea before the two leaders meet.

"We have very substantial discussions with North Korea and a great deal has already been done about the hostages," Mr Trump said on Friday. It rejected proposals that it would consider withdrawing US forces from South Korea as part of the negotiation. So who else reset his watch?

Venezuela's former commander Hugo Chávez turned the clock back half an hours in 2007 and said it would allow more poeple to awaken in broad daylight. However, Venezuela's former leaders were not able to do so. Many, however, thought that he wanted to dissociate himself from the time of his archenemy, the USA. Is there any other uncommon time area?

Pakistan is half an hours from India and only 15 mins from Nepal. West Australia and South Australia are observing a 90-minute time lag across the state line. Eucla, a isolated frontier city, and the area around it, where several hundred inhabitants live, however, are operating in their own unofficial time zones, 45 min before Western Australia and 45 min after South Australia.

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