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Closing your Squarespace account

Can I close my account? Hi, I want to close my account, I have deleted my website, but apparently I can't close my account. I understand that the account cannot be closed, but I think it is legitimated to require a full account termination. My name and e-mail and all other contact information are at risk.

When I don't use the account, I want to be deleted from the system. Here you can contact the Customer Care Group.

Reimbursement Policy - Squarespace Help

Cancellation of your Squarespace subscription is possible at any moment without contacting us. Reimbursement only for some of our surcharges. Please read our Reimbursement Policy in this manual before you make a cancellation. Please note: All Squarespace memberships and their reimbursement policy are separate. That means that terminating a subscription does not necessarily mean terminating or refunding your other subscription.

If, for example, you terminate a website with an appended Squarespaceomain, the Squarespaceomainscription remains in effect (even after the website expires) unless you terminate the website seperately. A full rebate is granted for cancellations of an annuity within the first 14 calendar day of the year. Your website will be tuned for automatic renewal after 14 calendar nights and we will adhere to these reimbursement guidelines:

Reimbursement is not offered for calendar items after 14 workingdays after the initial deposit. There are no rebates for month schedules. There are no rebates for renewals. 15 weeks before the extension of your one-year membership, we will e-mail you informing you that you are due to make a deposit. Returns will be granted for any domain that you choose to terminate within five business day of your inscription.

Once this five-day time limit has expired, your domainname will be automatically renewed and we will adhere to these guidelines: Squarespace domains will not be refunded after the five-day extension has expired. There are no refund options for renewals. 15 fifteen and a half calendar days before renewing your Squarespace domains, we will e-mail you to inform you that you are designated for your next deposit.

You can deactivate automatic renewal in the Domains section if you do not want your domains to be renewed at all. Please note: There is no five-day extension or reimbursement for the purchase or relocation of .co. uk domains. Please note: If you are transferring a Domain to Squarespace, there is no five-day goodwill time. There are, however, some ways to cancel the transaction and receive a full refund before it is completed.

Once the entire Domain has been transmitted, it is automatically extended. One year of services will extend the $20 per month extension. When you change from a one-month to an one-year accounting period, we will not be able to reimburse a purchased top level billing account and turn it into a free one. But you can still get another free registration.

When you register a free domainname before 5 March 2015, your domainname will be renewed every year, if your website stays activated, free of charge and with an yearly subscription schedule. Reimbursement will be granted by us upon cancellation of an existing Schedule or deletion of a member from a Schedule within 15 workingdays of the renewal date, not after your first sign-up date.

At the end of this 15-day time slot, your suite contract will be automatically renewed and we will adhere to these guidelines: No refunds will be made if you remove a member from your account after the expiration of the extension date. For the rest of the invoicing cycle, however, the seating for this particular person will be yours.

There are no reimbursements for the month schedule. When you remove a member from your G-Suite account, the space is also deleted. When you believe that you are entitled to a reimbursement but have not been provided with it, please complete a reimbursement claim blank and send it to us. Returns will be reviewed for any requests we get and we will attempt to reply within two working days. Please note that we do not accept any returns.

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