Cm Browser for Android

Browser Cm for Android

Lightest and safest browser for Android. The best app to download your Android phone for free. Cheetah Mobile Communications Free's Android App.

Content Browser - Ad Blocker, Quick Download, Privacy Policy

: Easy downloading of video from multiple websites: Freeze troublesome pop-ups and advertisements, get a clear and tidy browser experience: All-round security! Advertising blocking is a high-performance software package built into the CM Browser. The Ad Blocking feature allows the CM browser to efficiently filter out cumbersome advertisements, pop-ups, flags and some special javascripts to give you a convenient surfing environment.

In addition, the CM Browser's ad unit can not only increase the page's load rate, but also decrease user use of the web. Alerts you when searching potentially deceptive or harmful Web sites. The CM Browser notifies the user before clicking on a link to a website that may result in a malware-infected page.

This is because the browser compares a live page listing with CM listings of presumed Phishing, Virus, Malware and/or Spyware. Scan your downloaded files with a wallpaper scan for viruses to keep your machine safe. As soon as the downloading is complete, the browser will launch a vulnerability scan for you.

Provides every surfer with a convenient surfing environment with all-round security. Browse without abandoning your progress, cookie, cache, etc. The Incognito modus makes your browser adventure completely personal and covert. Would you like to go to some websites relevant to your personal information but don't want anyone else to know? The CM Browser can purge your tracing to prevent the expiration of your information.

Preloading device to accelerate browser use. Navigational web sites make your web experience easier. Easily submit Web sites using a recommendation listing or by typing a custom Web site URL. Click the Next button to submit a recommendation. Use this feature to make your visit to international sites easier:, register now! CM Browser for Android

The CM Browser is a high-performance web browser designed by KS Mobile, the enterprise behind key safety applications such as CM Safety and Clean Master. For this reason, safety is only one of our most important strengths. Besides the strict safety, the CM browser has other additional advantages compared to other browser types.

Other interesting functions of the CM Browser are the possibility to modify the standard browsing tool, modify the browser font, fully customize a bookmark and even use touch gestures while watching a movie in the browser. According to CM Browser safety, the application searches for all possible types of malware in any APK that you want to dowload from the browser, so you are safe when you want to dowload an application from outside Google Player.

The CM Browser is a lightweight, safe and high-performance browser that lets you surf the web at lightning speeds from the monitor of your Android.

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