Cm Launcher Iphone

Launcher Cm Iphone Iphone

This is the best Launcher theme for the iPhone. CM Launcher for Android, iOS or Windows Phone. Select your platform to download the latest version of CM Launcher apk for mobile phone.

Launcher CM for Android - Download

The CM Launcher is a very light launcher that allows you to organize all your applications in an easy and stylish way and at the same time offer many other functions. Typically, the home page of your computer displays your most commonly used applications: WhatsApp, Facebook, Preferences, Camera, Google Chrome, etc. Most of the applications you have on your machine are organised by typ.

Move utility programs to one directory, move multi-media applications to another, move gaming to another, etc. In each of them you will also find proposals for other applications of the same kind that you can get. The CM Launcher's strength lies in its light weight (only about 2 megabytes). In addition to its smaller footprint, it also boasts an sleek surface and a good few other functions found in the notification area.

Launcher CM is easy and looks good. They combine an elegantly designed look with a very small footprint and optimum power.

Launcher CM Launcher for iPhone & iPad Info & Stats

Advertising-free CM Launcher 3-D with transitional effect, 10+ gesture and storage. Launcher Pro CM Launcher will help you build a custom startup display for today's advanced iPhone and iPod touch computers. Launcher CM Pro will save you a lot of advertising work. Happy Touch gesture for fast app and setting retrieval. Longer pressure, wipe, wipe, pinch, express, wipe (two fingers), wipe (two fingers), wipe (two fingers), wipe away links (two fingers), wipe away right (two fingers) gesture are all available!

More than 10 3-D transitions. Display transitions, file transitions and unwind transitions with various graphical features to keep the application running smoothly. Thousands of free themed & wallpaper images with different category, make your mobile phones classy. In the largest-theme store in the word, you'll always find 2-D or 3-D topics and lives or regular high-definition backgrounds that you like, whatever the subject, 3-D tech, cartoon, or other genre.

We' ve also created new topics and backgrounds for the upcoming Christmas and New Year. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with these topics! Hide applications to ensure you get a cleaner startup video and your private space.

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