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This is a pretty basic set of themes, but is great for those looking for something darker or red. Launcher Eazo's CM Launcher Theme APK. Top 15 topics for personalizing your CyanogenMod: 15 best topics around CM13

ZyanogenMod is undoubtedly the most beloved customized R&M for Android and there are a number of factors behind its popularity. Some of the ROM's most beloved feature is its theme based functionality. Don't mistake themes for launcher themes, because CyanogenMod themes are enforced system-wide and rework all user interfaces, including state bars, alerts, navigation bars, scripts, icons, and even boat motion.

Plenty of CyanogenMod themes are available, but the choice of good ones from poor ones can be a bit difficult. Also, not all designs have been upgraded to include the latest version of CM13 (based on Android 6. 0 Marshmallow). Well don't bother, because we did all the search and test and here are the 15 best themes of the CM13 for you:

Notice: These themes work with most user-defined rams that include Cyanogen's current CM 12 or 13 themes engines. After installing a design, also make sure you restart your unit once to get the best possible perform. Darks Material is one of the most beloved black motifs for PM13 and fused with another beloved darks motif "Blacked Out" which has now become much better.

It has a sleek CM look and its minimalist symbols are certainly a delight. In addition, it will add overlay to most widely-used third-party applications to ensure consistency across the operating system. Although it's not necessarily jet blue, we certainly like the grey-black surface drip.

If you like the natives symbols of Android more, you can use its Regression+ edition. When you are looking for translucent surface components, you will certainly appreciate the topic of material glass. Its design ensures that everything is clear, so you can see the Home screen background image in every surface and application.

One of the most beloved and probably the best obscure motif for PM13, Swift Digital offers a clean look throughout the user experience, unlike obscure material. In addition, it provides a good equilibrium between blacks and colored items in the operating system, which balances a good user experience. In addition, it thematizes most of the favorite applications and is periodically upgraded to include more supporting applications.

As with most other themes on the listing, Coalfield adds a one-of-a-kind look to the system items and themes to a number of third-party applications, but what makes it special is that it gives the user a choice of different themes to select from. So if you like to tinker with the user experience of your machine, you'll be pleased to know that it provides many choices for most UI items.

And you can try another great design called Outray by the same designer. You' ll enjoy the Euphoria topic for CM 13 if you're a big fan ofthe Euphoria OS customized Roma. This may seem like a common dry hack for CyanogenMod, but what makes it special is the fact that the designer has taken care to only focus on certain items that give a more sophisticated look.

Tangled between a black or a light subject? CyanogenMod has a very trendy motif, available in both a black and black and white finish, which gives it a beautiful contemporary look. Whilst we have been told that some applications are not thematic, they are the most liked and that is what is important for most of us.

One of the most original features of this subject is its graphic detail and good styling. Another very beloved Darkness dye that was initially developed for BlissPop ROMs, but its nice appearance has made it available for all CMs. More than 200 applications and over 1600 application icon layer are included.

Folks adore obscure themes, and if you're one of them, you might have already hear about PitchBlack, right? Whereas most CM motifs use gray as the default colour in the user interfaces, PitchBlack of Schwarz becomes completely obscured around the user interfaces. A good thing is that the developers have also made sure that the blacks don't become an obstacle when you read a text.

This free release of the topic introduces a dark-red look through the operating system that looks astonishing. There are however more colour blends such as Schwarz & Smaragd, Schwarz & Cyan etc. available as chargeable designs from the designer. The Hydrogen O.S. is an alternate raw material designed by OnePlus for its equipment, and it is the main source of H2OS CM 13 inspired.

It has the same minimalist shallow symbols and gorgeous colours we've seen in Hydrogen O SD, so if you're a OnePlus ROM enthusiast, you'll like it. But the design lacks levels for third-party applications. Mobile Ubuntu is a nice operating system and if you've always wanted a similar port on your CyanogenMod drive, the Ubuntu Light and Light Design will do it for you.

It has the same orange look we know from Ubuntu, along with similar symbols, keyboards and more. MaterialsUp themes use Google Material Design's interface languages and deploy them in greater detail on every UI item and most third-party applications. Google, for example, still needs to deploy bottom actions that are part of the latest material design policies in all applications, while MaterialsUp deploys the same design policies in most of them.

So if you are looking for the most comprehensive material design topic for CM, MaterialUp is for you. Like the name implies, the material OS topic for CyanogenMod 13 incorporates different material design ideas from the very energetic Android communities and deploys them throughout the operating system. What's awesome is that it adds material design icon and design to most third-party applications to create a consistent material design environment.

Tired of the same monotone colours or the same sinister subject? CM design incorporates almost all the colours we know from the user surface to create a strong, colourful look. Overall, it is a smooth topic that makes you begin to hate monochrome topics. The Lone is a fairly common CM topic that offers an interesting combination of red and white or red and black interfaces.

Using Red throughout the user experience, various customizations, and vibrant symbols and widgets make everything look beautiful. When you want to keep the basic Android but not the white ones, you can use the inversion user surface. It' s a straightforward topic because it only turns the brighter background into darkgrey.

So if you want a surface with black themes, without changes to symbols or anything else, the Invert surface should be good enough. Willing to embellish CyanogenMod 13? You' d say you would approve if we said that CyanogenMod and Android in general are already a nice operating system, but these great designs give you a versatile look that you can try every other working days.

You can also use these themes to personalise your CyanogenMod viewing experiences. So if you haven't tried CyanogenMod themes yet, give them a chance. Please let us know your preferred CM 13 topic in the comment field below.

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