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CRN hosts blogs for its many on-air personalities and for the latest news. The CNN has a number of RSS feeds with the latest news on a range of topics. The Twenty Links is a children's theme by Twenty Ten for WordPress. Well-known customers include CNN, CBS, BBC, Reuters, Sony, and Volkswagen.

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There is no storing of feeds locally. Related articles on CNN, according to the CNN conditions of use. This version supports widgets instances. Their contents and they will be substituted by the corresponding newsfeed. Available choices are as follows. feed(s). to explain that the messages come from CNN.

KNN International, CNN Money or Sports Illustrated or available as click rollover/tooltip. enough records to fulfill the query. the CNN databases. articles on CNN according to the CNN conditions of use. know if you need more to correctly peel it. feedback. The reason for this is a firewall that blocks outgoing video streams, another type of feedback to see if it works.

More than 20 great brand names that use WordPress 2018.

Are you looking for some great brand samples using WordPress? In order to fix this, I wanted to gather samples of large stamps that still use WordPress extensively (as of May 2018). With active - I mean, WordPress is a true protagonist in its current digitial strategies. They can find many large Publisher who have WordPress still installs on their servers.

So for example, while CNN and the New York Times used WordPress to run their own section of weblogs at one point, none of those weblogs had been affected for years, so I didn't consider it active with WordPress for that listing. As the broadcaster behind one of the biggest TV shows of all times (Breaking Bad), AMC uses WordPress to run its major website, its homepage included.

In 2016, when the New York Times purchased The Wirecutter for over $30 million, The Wirecutter formally established itself as a trademark deserving of the "big" adjective. 1. Wirecutter has always used WordPress to improve its capabilities, and the New York Times has kept it that way even after a complete wirecutter redevelopment in 2017.

Whilst the Obama admin used Drupal to run the Whitehouse. gov website, the Trump admin made Whitehouse. gov again did great by deciding to migrate the website's CMS from Drupal to WordPress. TechnCrunch is a good example of a great WordPress franchise, as the latest design uses a heads-free React style design.

Endless styling means TechCrunch uses WordPress behind the scene, but depends on React for the frontend ad. Sony- Music uses WordPress to operate its WordPress website. University of Washington uses WordPress to operate its website. IEZOD uses WordPress and to operate its website via V. I. P. It' s noteworthy that there is no e-commerce feature in lZOD - instead, a simple listing of retailers where lZOD clothes can be purchased is created.

Because Mark Cuban knows his way around a lot of technologies, it's not surprising that the Dallas Mavericks website is based on WordPress. Featuring over 51,000 college and college undergraduates, Georgia State is another major publicly funded institution that has chosen WordPress to run its website. The BBC America website uses WordPress, while the BBC does not use WordPress for its British website.

That' not strange, since BBC America is a BBC Studios JV between AMC and BBC Studios (AMC was the first on this listing, if you remember). Indeed, you will find many resemblances between the AMC website and the BBC America website. The Creative Commons, the nonprofit organization that is helping to make license management more open to those who are sharing their works, uses WordPress to operate its website.

Mozilla, best known for the Firefox web browsers, uses WordPress to run the Mozilla blogs. One of the largest groups in the globe, The Rolling Stones, uses WordPress to provide their website with tours and messages. Whilst Harvard does not use WordPress to operate its major website, it uses WordPress to operate its blogs area.

Variety, a favorite consumersmagazine, uses WordPress and to optimize its WordPress and website. WordPress supports the home page of the NGINX application. Etsy, a favorite e-commerce platform for creating content, uses WordPress to run its Etsy Journal blogs. Apparently, Facebook's major website is not run by WordPress, but Facebook uses WordPress and OEM to run its Facebook Newsroom blogs with all kind of messages, plus messages about the new Oculus Go prices!

Lollapalooza, a very much-loved Chicago arts convention, uses WordPress to run its whole website (although it outsources ticketing to a third party). Every single working week it releases tonnes of journalists, and everything is supported by WordPress and V. I.P.. WordPress is used by Microsoft in several places that I could find.

First they use it to run the Microsoft Blog. Secondly, they also use it to run the Skype Blog. Do you know any other great brand with WordPress? Considering that WordPress operates over 30% of the web and over 20% of the 10,000 most visited web sites on the web, this is by no means a full listing of the major WordPress brand names.

However, if you know a great example of a well-known trademark that uses WordPress that wasn't on the word press roll, please include it in the commentary so we can all try it!

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