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One click is all it takes to make Coda even more powerful. You can also write your own Coda plug-ins with the Coda Plug-in Kit. The Manipulate Coda is a text manipulation plug-in for Panic's Coda.


Execute Chrome apps and enhancements from inside Coda, generate manifests, and upload them to memory. A small coda plugin that recompiles fewer data sets on saving. Comparatator is a Coda2 widget that launches your preferred differen tools and compares them. This is a widget that will remove space characters and add a new line to the end of the line if it does not already exists.

Colour scheme. The Anchorme is a legible design for Coda 2 that makes it simple to see what's going on in your work. Argonauts colour scheme. Colouring on the blackboard. Grey blackboard colour themed. Blue by colour subject. Colour scheme chart. Inspired by one of the most frequently used atomic motifs.

Wolken colour scheme. Midnight colour scheme. Topic in colors of black cobalt. Classic Coda Classic colour scheme. Colour scheme from Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017. Twilight colour theming. Coffee Libra Colour Scheme. Shallow motif. The GitHub colour scheme. glitter bomb colour scheme. The Hozzamedia colour scheme.

Infrared_Black colour scheme. Terminal K Colour scheme. Topic of the low-light colour. Classic Mac colour scheme. Created from the code colour topic. Moerbivore colour scheme. Colour scheme monokai. Monocai Light's colour scheme. Roda 2 , mark colour themes by Night Lion. Navy motif with light accents. Colour notebook theming. Pastel shades on a deep colour scheme.

Colour schemeinkalicious. Plastics code wrap colour scheme. The Railscast colour scheme. "Ruby-blue " style that highlights the subject for Coda. Solarised colour scheme. Solarised dark colour theming. Spaces Cadet colour scheme. Sunrise colour scheme. Try the rainbow colour scheme. Morning colour scheme. Morning evening colour scheme. Morning evening night blue colour scheme.

Bright colour scheme morning evening. Morning evening night eighties colour scheme. Topic of the dusk paint. Optimistic, colourful subject. Lively ink colour scheme. Cheeti colour scheme. The Zenburnesque colour scheme. Coda plug-in that complements the features of JavaScanvas. Offers syntax emphasis for embedded CoffeeScript template. Info-like parsing for Coda 2.x. UI Automation JavaScript Auto Complete add-on.

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