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The Crayon is a Wordpress plugin, but can be used in any PHP environment. The Crayon Syntax Highlighter is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that lets you create postcodes in your blog. Find out how to use this plugin for postal codes. We Go for III- Imagination, Idea and Innovation.

Coloured pencil Syntax highlighter

Well, I must say, this plug-in is very good. You can use it withbPress, DWQA and WPUF on my website. Add a code badge in TinyMCE for this plug-in. In the case of unprogrammed version of press, the buttons are added by default. WPUF requires you to select a rich text box to add the WPUF icon. add_filter('dwqa_tinymce_toolbar1','dwqa_disable_tinymce_options',100 ); return ''bold,italic,underline,|,','.'bullist,numlist,blockquote,|,'.'link,unlink,|,' .

Spell check, full screen, |,crayon_tinymce'; however, to let this plug-in work with more other plugs, you need to get into the code.

Kramk/crayon synthetax highlighter: The Syntax Highlights feature supports multi-language support, topics, scripts, highlighting from URLs, locale files, or postal text.

Support multi-language, topic, font, highlights from a single Web page, locale or postal text. The Crayon is a Wordpress plug-in, but can be used in any kind of programming language. Attribute designations are delimited from the value by either: (default) or ³. E.g. ... You can specify the following optional attributes: enter langLanguage-ID, these are the directories in the slow folder and appear in the language settings dialog.

You do not even have to specify the long extension of a language with specified extension (see Language in Preferences), as this will be recognized when your filename ends with it, such as in the example.url=" java" or url="java/code. java" titleEnter a name for your code segment. mark="5-10,12" rangeSet the line length of the entry code for the display.

range= "3-5", range="3" You can even merge code like on a true HTML page by , and

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