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TeamCanyon is the largest online marketplace for script and code. CodeCanyon's latest tweets (@codecanyon). In order to write this article, it is a goal to point out to you that many things on Codecanyon may have been developed under circumstances or have been victims of stopped development by their authors.

CodesCanyon reviews, prices and alternatives

CodeCanyon - What is CodeCanyon? "The CodeCanyon is the biggest on-line trading place for writing and coding." Send your favorite applications more quickly with faders, plug-ins, scripts for WordPress, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, Bootstrap, Javascript, Android, and more. We received 79/100 points for CodeCanyon in the Marketplaces category. 1. Reports are available all over the Internet according to users' level of experience (51/100), total amount of media (65/100), current users' trend (rising) and other information of interest about CodeCanyon.

WorldPress plugin seller publishes sales: Direkt vs. CodeCanyon

As a WordPress plug-in designer trying to make a profit by reselling plug-ins, you may have already read about CodeCanyon and want to know if you can earn enough to make a profit from this market place. Of course there is another way than CodeCanyon. This article shares my expertise in reselling plug-ins from my Epic Plug-ins website directly to clients, as I deleted my plug-ins from CodeCanyon sales in May 2016.

However I have not done a straight comparision of plugin sells vs. CodeCanyon... yet. The CodeCanyon has been good over the years. Since 2013 it has averaged 500 dollars a months turnover. Although I am not a "power author" or anything like that, I would say that this number is probably an intersection of what you can get from CodeCanyon-plugs.

However, it really depends on the plug-in you are reselling. Of the $500 turnover, a good 80-90% came from either the WPeddit or the Dilemma plugins. Remaining variation was with some making only $10 a months in sell-off. Things you sell are more important than where you sell them.

However, the use of CodeCanyon is still great as you come into contact with thousands of people. My article about why I took 9 of my CodeCanyon plugs off the market lists what they gave us back in 2012/2013 compared to what they're giving us now (what has been struck out has been what changes since 2012/2013).

Processing reimbursements (and paying for them out of their portion of the sale). A major reason for me to do it alone and sell plugs directly through the Epic plugs store was that CodeCanyon's revenues have declined in recent years and CodeCanyon still accounts for 40% of all revenues.

One way to get in touch with the individual who purchased the plug-in - CodeCanyon won't give you that. CodeCanyon now offers full price and coupon flexibility, but nooupons. Analytics information (conversion rates etc.) - only available for CodeCanyon Elite authors. Here is the diagram of the CodeCanyon montly revenues compared to the actual revenues: The downward tendency, especially since mid-2015.

The move directly has certainly lowered the turnover with the CodeCanyon plug-ins I had. But plugin sells are less straight? October 28, 2016 I switched all my product (both plug-in and theme) to a subscriptions. That means that clients become "subscribers" to my site, with additional renewals for the plug-ins each year.

Couldn't do that if I was to sell through CodeCanyon. When you sell a plugin directly, you should at least reckon with lower revenues in the beginning (CodeCanyon is already in place and has a powerful administrative power). Thats where I suppose the slump in sellings will come from. The CodeCanyon is the ideal place for many developers/website owner looking for new plug-ins.

If you are directly involved in retail, you must have a way for your customers to find your wares. When you choose to go straight from the beginning, it's simple to give up if you don't see any leads. Hosts a "Lite" on WordPress. organgrYou can hosts a free copy of your plug-in on and then offers a "PRO" on your website for purchase.

You would be hosting a'dilemma-lite' copy of your plug-in on and then a'dilemma-pro' copy on your own website. But if I do, I will make sure that there are many ways to subscribe to my e-mailinglist. Keeping clients and lead in my e-mail and CRM lists allows me to address them simply and keep them as prospective clients.

Provide reward links to #5 below, I now have the emails and information from my clients. is that I greatly appreciate clients who should keep supporting my development and hopefully enhance their LTV (Lifetime Value). When you want to sell directly and enhance the discovery capability of your product (the top of the hopper), it is important to access such websites.

Keeping an Overview of Your Clients in a CRMThis is a really great one for me. Now I have customer information that goes directly into my customer relationship management (CRM) after a sale. Article pages that converse well are an important point in the selling hopper.

I' ve also written a detailled article about how to rewrite the WooCommerce website. It' got me the information from my customers. Whilst the above graph shows less turnover, I now have the option to add value to each purchase either through periodic renewal or extra purchases via my e-mailinglist.

This is done by also reselling WordPress themes to my e-mail lists and updating them with the latest plug-in up-dates. Exactly when to get back to them with information about enhancements (e.g. about 2 months after using a plug-in, folks are extending it). Thus a new client is able to inform himself about the expansion after about one to two weeks after using the plug-in.

After about one to two weeks of using the plug-in, a new client is able to obtain information about an extended license. If you sell at CodeCanyon, you won't receive any emails from your clients, so you can't do anything like that. Winning a new client and getting his e-mail is certainly a big plus for me.

CodeCanyon doesn't allow me to do this and I have to try to swap with the client to get them to modify their rating (since in most cases it's a set-up problem).

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