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More than 10 good reason why I deleted all 9 of my CodeCanyon plugs for purchase.

I wrote this article as "An Open Letter to Envato" to be frank and clear with my choices and to do something that frightens me. We are working on improving the article pages to get a better linkage to demos (and then to optimize the demonstration pages themselves).

Envato, the causes are in no particular order, some are more significant causes than others. At the same time the prices for the plug-ins for CodeCanyon for sale will be split between x% for the plug-in and y% for the "author support", which is mandatory for 6 month after the sales (extendable to 12 month).

These changes were not popular with the writers (the apparently "cheap" equity space turned into a 6-month $2 support)...without the right resources for a help page. Then there is the additional technical assistance (mostly provided by writers on their own platform). So where are you going for backup? The management of pre-sale commentaries and post-sale commentaries is not simple for writers.

It' also a pretty sophisticated move for them, as you only have to charge value added taxes on digitally packaged goods that are shipped automatic, everything that needs to be entered manually (e.g. support), for which they don't have to charge value added taxes. Yes, they have quietly and secretly cut their value added taxes while giving the writers more to do... (without giving us a larger piece of the pie).

CodeCanyon's website means that the product is of a technological character and the buyer sometimes needs the right assistance to set it up. However, can an expert developers 6 (to 12 months) provide set-up and maintenance for only $2? However, you can probably predict what kind of rebates are anticipated, or the services CodeCanyon'Authors' expects.

We' re not authors. When Envato fixed the prize, we the creative ones and they everything else worked a little better. This is a paradigm that doesn't help authors, software developers, and buyers. I have had two CodeCanyon bank balances since taking over the Social Gallery. So it also means I have maxed out one bankroll ( 70% provision ) and another that sits somewhere around 61%.

Thus a rather high share of the charges for the bank accounts mikemayhem303030 give away. There is also the additional benefit that my profiles page remains there and links to the plugin page on this page. That' a fairly big $1,669. 89 differential to selling the plugs through CodeCanyon (based on a 61% commission), but hey, endure it, you'll finally get up to 70%'Elite' levels, which will reduce the effect somewhat (but you'll still give them at least 30%, forever, for whatever).

It' s quite a shock that I paid Envato almost as much per months in charges as I did for a whole year via PayPal. However, the above example is a result of the plug-ins I had on this site. It was a matter of whether I could really get the value of CodeCanyon, which is almost $1,500-1,700 a year (at actual revenue levels).

On CodeCanyon I have (had) some quite beloved plugs and each purchase will bring with it a client who either likes (or hates) the plug. Considering the problems with CodeCanyon and the fact that it is not simple to find out where to look for assistance, these clients may have felt a little bit wasted.

Previously, Envato handled all reimbursements when a client had a problem. Even if you think this is a good thing (you can contact the purchasers through their system), it has still not been possible to get their data, and more to the point, Envato has not adjusted the percentage fee to mirror the fact that they give the "authors" more to do.

Oh, and not to forget that they have also made a modification that the reimbursement comes from your bankroll ( 61% me, 39% them) and not from 100% of their percentage, which was the previousituation. Certainly, if they gave this authority, "authors" would only authorize the 5* review and reject the 1* review.

So I can email my listing, offer fireplace shops or express my thanks for buying 10% off your next item, but I can't do that with CodeCanyon products. I' m busy sellin''em for the prize Envato picked for me. We' ll give you a percent of EVERY SELL.

You only get a recommendation discount on the first payment of a new member. So, if you recommend someone to buy one of my plug-ins that was on CodeCanyon. The CodeCanyon has a rating system (like the App Store) to ensure that your product works the way it is promoted and that your customers don't upload muck.

The latter was previously included in Envato's reimbursement guidelines. But there are no fast permissions, upgrades take about 3 working day and new plugs can take longer. That means that the timings of a start or the execution of a schedule with CodeCanyon and Envato are too difficult. A " allowed and releaseable " function would be a good construct - reference to CodeCanyon).

Unless I'm at the top of the world. Certainly, when I reach the top tier, I get this ability to track my own footage, but until then I'm in the dark. What I can't do is get a new one. How far away from élite is the mikemayhem303030ccount. Well, it's been lifelong selling around $45,000 and the top tier is $75,000 in revenue.

That means I have to give $30,000 * 35% envelope (about the next $30,000 revenue average) just to be able to include my own tracker only. That' $10,500 that from now on will only be given to envelope for the opportunity to follow my convert rates, and that's for someone who has already made $45,000 total revenue.

It' not as if I would give them $11,000 now if they would give it to me, it's just that it' s due to selling over the years. MK303030 made about $500 a month, so it would have taken another 60 moths to get to the top.... that's another 5 years. You think I should give away $1000 to a contest winning guy and pay $10,000 for my advertising to keep my Google Analytics accounts happy today?

By making this option I can make this kind of thought, now the sphere plug-ins are in my field. Sincerely, OK, this is a rather big checklist and I could go on (I'll add to this checklist if I can think of something new), but I wanted to spent a few seconds on the dowsides not to have this page on CodeCanyon, don't you recall the above one?

The SEO benefits of your entry being bound to the CodeCanyon domains are included in your traffics. Maybe it means that with full controls I can better create this page of plugs, plus hey, the shop looks a little more full, now it has more plugs on it. P.S. Are you a CodeCanyon (or ThemeForest) writer or purchaser, what is your opinion?

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