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CodesCanyon Free File Nominations: APR-JUNE 2018

PIease use this topic to submit one of your articles for a Free File promotional between April 1 and June 30, 2018. Complimentary data is a strong incentive to attract new CodeCanyon clients and to present the remaining market place to them. Objects used in these promotions get a significant amount of attention that can be passed on to more individuals who view your profiles, your portfolios, and the other objects you have for purchase.

Please be aware that the eligibility rules have been modified - please review them thoroughly before you submit your nominee! Within this topic you can posts a news article with a hyperlink to your article (you must be signed up as the article's author) and we will include it in the listing. CodeCanyon's free files for April, May and June are chosen from this free month to month file listing, advertised on the CodeCanyon homepage and emailed to our clients.

Usually these data are available as free copies for one and a half year. When your article has been chosen as a free file, you will be informed by e-mail, with further information about the time. And who can vote for an article? It is only the author of the article who can appoint him for a Free File promotional.

Put plainly, you can ask and argue what you want, but if the writer of the article does not decide to name it, you will not get anywhere Fortunately, we have a large fellowship of writers who like to give! So that a data set can be regarded as a free data set for each marketplace, the article must fulfil the following criteria:

I need you to be the creator of the data you're filing. Maximal ONE filenomination per writer, per market place. Files must be scored 4 or higher star. None of the items will be displayed more than once as a free Monthly Data of the Month. If I want to cancel my nominee, what happens?

Once you have made a change of heart, just highlight your nominee comments and let us know that you wish to cancel your article. It is at your discretion to revoke your nominee and/or change your product at any moment. Notice that free downloads are randomly selected from the elements listed in this threads and not in the order in which they were posted.

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