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We've studied the web and identified several great code and PHP sites like Codecanyon. So does anyone use Code Canyon or similar sites? Related - Social network of Indie_Studio It is a similar type of community networking that allows dispersed members to participate, interact and work together to accomplish some objectives, from anywhere, at any time. People who need to interact and work with them to reach some objectives. One example of a community that can use something similar is :

Enterprises that need to collect requests from customers or provide customer feedbacks on projects or particular service. Like has a number of functions that can help your end user interact and work together wherever they are in the dispersed world. Profile: Person-related information associated with a particular person, including:

Username, e-mail, titles, hobbies, skills and contacts information. This is a player storyline that the player has to send to the Posts Wand. Contribution comment: This is an answer to a particular contribution. Actions can be taken by your own members to show their emotions about the posts or comments.

Something similar offers three types of action, among them (love, equality and dislike). It' a real-time instant message that allows your audience to broadcast and recieve text, pictures and videos. This is a group of people who exchange information. Mail/mail message comment: When someone is adding a new mail to a particular group, the other person will be notified of a new mail/mail message added by a particular one.

When someone posts a new voice message to the chatsession, the system automatically posts a message to other members of the group. Friendship alert request: when someone submits a friendship alert to another person to be networked with. E-mail notifications: E-mail alerts to your subscribers when someone posts a new article or comments on a group.

Similarly, it allows us to create emotional faces to describe our feelings, for example: happiness, sadness. Restore password: If a subscriber needs to set his own to a new one. Similarly, it allows the admin group to add/remove and make another admin account. A particular group. Forgot your password: If a username forgot his forgotten username, he can restore it by sending an e-mail to Similar.

Enables a subscriber to set up a new subscriber to join a similar community of people. Similar also has a powerful searching tool that allows searching for group contents by date, member, contribution and annotation. Related Hash Tags functionality that allows reviewers to categorize and mark their own postings and commentaries.

Clicking on a particular hash tags displays all messages and commentaries that contain that hash tags. Enables us to see all our associated friend. Enables the operator to see his groups. Application to join the group: Similarly, it allows people to ask another member to join a particular group. on-line users:

Like enables people in a particular group to see all registered people in the same group. Like has a compelling graphical environment that includes support for smartphones, tables, and desktops.

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