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Topic portal Marketplace - Sell digital products ,Topics, plugins ,Scripts Corrected problem installing with lokal hosting. - The frontend singles credentials problem resolved. - fixed problem with uploading localehostfiles. - The problem with the IFRAM was fixed. - This allows the administrator to see how often a particular individual buys the map.

- Do the product labelling on the homepage. - You can delete e-mails from the e-mail lists.

  • Problems with payed productshow resolved. - Solved installation problem in Php 7. - Incorrect supplier commission administration corrected. - Errors in the administration of the blogs corrected. - Corrected a problem in the galleries of our articles. - Errors in the administration of downloads of the subscriptions portals corrected. - News topic coming soon in version 4.2 - Smtp integration for e-mail dispatch.
  • New Blog Manager added. - add and manage supplier related items. - Notification emails when purchasing to admin and user added. - Fix for an error in the installation program. - Added preference to adjust the name of the category and item in each of the languages. - There has been an update to the folder tree to allow it to be supported in the near term. Productsite: User administration: Supplier manager: General conditions page.
  • E-mail section: Pages section: Record of transactions: Schedule settings: Record of transactions:: Notification e-mail if transactions were completed successfully. Preferences: You can set up your store in two modes, per item or per member club or per game.

    Switcher+ - Switcher bathroom by swayway

    Do your users have enough of the latest topic on your WordPress-based website? Did you ever think about having several topics? Since WordPress allows you to specify one - and only one - topic in a website.... apparently, no matter where you surf within your website, you end up with the same topic again... and again!

    Just one topic at a stretch is not enough, it's really a painful shortage, right? although the WordPress fellowship provides tens of millions of high-quality topics, the WordPress kernel system is lacking the variety of them, do you concur?! If you are here, it's because you want to change between different themes according to certain criterias... Fortunately, this is why WP themme Switcher+ is being developed.

    The WP Switcher+ is available in the following languages:

    The WP themme Switcher+ can perform many kinds of testing on WordPress objects:

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