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Code canyon on the Torrent

38 script generates dozens of free spotify-like websites. A nice site was brought to our attention last months that blended Spotify's intelligent looks and play lists with YouTube's own intelligent playlist to provide a very good free stream delivery experience. We didn't know that almost anyone could build a similar site in a few moments, all for an upfront cost of just $38. When an Argentine newscast site drew our attention to a new stream engine last months, the first few shots were good.

The Wefre (now dead) was presented in a beautiful way and was able to offer the users a Spotify-like free streamingmethod. Even though our hint giver didn't name him, TF was told that Wefre is the result of a new scripts, so we started to track him. Finally, we found it for purchase on the CodeCanyon market place, where it made its d├ębut in November.

YourTubify (YouTube/Spotify combined) allows almost anyone to setup a free Spotify-like utility with a minimal amount of effort. "According to the company's marketing talk, Joutubify enables you to build your own audio stream website in just a few moments without programming skills. CodeCanyon's numbers show that Youtubeify was selling 310 copies on this site alone, which opens the door to having today literally thousands of YouTubify'Klon' pages on the web, of which Wefre is just one.

However, the fact is that each one comes from exactly the same scripts that cost just $38.00. Besides the fact that the scripts makes the stream of website property so simple (possible juridical problems are of course excluded), there is also the possibility for occasional user to look behind the scenery. The CodeCanyon offers a real life demonstration of the site in operation and those who log in with the username: '' and the password: 'admin' can find out what it's like to use one of these pages from the inside.

However, if owning an IM site is not your thing, there are other choices. YouTubify' writer also has several other items on offer, some of which are clearly focused on the file-sharing world. There is also a similarly available template, the MTDb plugin, which allows you to create a "fully functional" movie and TV stream page in combination with another plug-in.

However, it should be noted that most personal tracker start their lives as ready-made scripts, but are then turned by their owner into something special and in many cases enormous.

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