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Canyon Cody' s latest tweets (@elcanyonazo): Skippendales performers dance about the cosmos, carbohydrates and more. Ranging from "The Full Monty" to "Magic Mike" to the 1990 SNL legend with a striking Patrick Swayze and the somewhat less slender Chris Farley, the masculine stripper's popular cultural character has long since been comic. The Chippendales men aren't a gag, though. So we met with three stars to discuss family, health and what the worid is doing incorrectly when it comes to masculine striping.

For me, chippendales was a great career chance. Could you guide us through the typical Chippendale guy's days during the trip? What kind of misunderstanding do you have about chippendales? Personally, I think a frequent misunderstanding among humans is that we are self-obsessed and not wise. We' re very bright and able boys who have other passion and other things that we all have.

However, living is about steady expansion, and the boys who are in this position see this as an opportunitiy for expansion. The Chippendalesketch of the SNL with Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze is still one of the biggest of all times. a Chippendales jockey. Anyway, Chris Farley didn't have that look, but he does appeal to some.

What kind of misunderstanding do folks have about Chippendales performers? This is a completely professionally designed choreography. How would you advise the mediocre guy who reads this from the sofa, who is dreaming of being a Chippendales jock? Like everything else, not just Chippendales, if you want something urgent enough, you actually have to get up from the sofa and do whatever it needs to reach it.

Chippendale boys look very nice - but what makes you so geeky? What kind of misunderstanding do folks have about chippendale dances?

Chippendales-based Cody Canyon speaks about'Fight Song', musical schedules (incl. interview)

Recently, Canyon has appeared with the Chippendales in places such as The Paramount in Huntington and Gramercy Theatre in New York, and despite the icy temperatures, it has had a great resonance. On the Chippendales shows Canyon performs an amazing adaptation of Rachel Platten's "Fight Song", which includes an orchestra work.

He said, "With the help of my friend Travis, who is the percussionist, we wrote the whole arrangements for 'Fight Song'. and he' working on his second session record, which will be less filmic. "is a filmic orchestra record that you would listen to in a Super Hero activity movie," he said.

One of Canyon's goals for the years to come is to obtain its comprehensive dietary certificate. "I am a strong supporter of integrated diets and CAM," he said.

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