Coffee Break Theme

Theme of the coffee break

Select a theme for your meeting or event, decorate your coffee break and delight your guests. In the breaks the participants have the opportunity to relax in the break area, interact among the participants and the most important enjoy a variety of thematic coffee breaks specially designed for all preferences. The Deluxe Colour Theme coffee breaks. In order to meet the specific needs of the guests, our Executive Chef Ray Lam has specially designed four thematic coffee breaks, which come from the colour of the ingredients and beautify your event.

Eleven coffee break and food service concepts you'll like.

It is important for the organisation of a congress, assembly or party that the coffee break or the type of food preparation services you have requested are in line with the standards of the conference and the participants' requirements. We will give you 11 different coffee break suggestions in this section to make sure you surpass all of them.

Everybody may like a take-away or some road meal from now on.

Arrange meals by color to convey feelings and atmospheres. Let yourself be inspire by movies in outer spaces or carry your visitors to a spacecraft. Everybody likes homemade meals, homemade meals, things you can buy in a country store with homemade products. Coffee breaks are always welcome after an intensive working or Friday conversation.

Playing with your sense and creating visual impressions that amaze and inspire your customers. For several years now, Barceló Hotel Group has been offering hotel rooms with healthcare sessions, a health life style that applies to the meeting and event business. An invigorating diet that promotes good nutrition, improves your ability to concentrate and inspires the spirit.

Learn more about the Healthy Meetings ethos here. Don't miss the chance to organize a terrible coffee break, you don't have to await Halloween, but if you do it this season, you're sure to be impressed! Have your customers playing like kids, just for one of them. Please feel free to post a note and tell us which coffee break you liked best, or simply give us an impression of the various samples you can think of.

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