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Use of cold e-mail

This is the complete guide to Cold Email Prospecting & Outreach for your lead generation. Cold Email Outreach and Sales Guide is the complete guide. You' re e-mailing the wrong person. Too long your cold e-mail.

Clearly, your cold email is automated.

Outreach Cold Email eBook | Cold Email Templates & Strategy

Don't reveal everything in your reference line. And if you give too much information at this point, your recipients can choose whether or not to view your e-mail without even opening it. And I know, I know you're probably tired of listening, but personalizing in the field is so important.

While we already know that it is important to personalise the text of an email, did you know that personalising a message line has shown that it increases opening times? MarketingSherpa metrics showed that message personalisation boosted opening rate by 29.3% - although the real effects differed widely across sectors. During the first quarter of 2015, personalised subjects drove up opening ratios relative to first quarter benchmark for most sectors.

There was only one sector (publishers) where there was no rise in opening rate when email subjects were personalised. This effect also does not end when the e-mail is opened. For e-mails with a personalised message body, billings rose 49% (0.09% versus 0.06%) and revenues 73% ($0.15 versus $0.08).

Let's take the above proposed subjects and personalise them. It is not only the text of your email that must be short - the short text also works in the subjects. Consider this - just think of it, you've just returned from holiday/lunch/bathroom (delete it if necessary) to find a hundred (or more) new e-mails in your mailbox.

Are you reading every line with care? Make sure the subjects are kept brief enough to be easily recognized and understandable, but long enough to contain information of interest. Investigations by Madhu Gulati of Show Me Lead' analysed 260 million e-mails. Subjects with less than five words were opened 16% of the times, and longer subjects - those with 11 to 15 words - were opened only 14% of the times.

The goal is to create subjects between six and ten words long.

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