Cold Email Sales Pitch

Cold-mail sales pitch

The best advice for cold email sales calls A lot of folks find cold e-mails angry, but it's actually one of the most proven sales strategies for creating new leads. What is more, it's a good way to get your sales force up and running. Indeed, Dmitry Dragilev, creator of a consultancy, claimed that he could help a start-up named Polar get taken over by Google by assisting them in mastering the craft of cold e-mailing.

Recently Dragillev has put together a series of cold email layouts and ressources in his own blogs. We' ve reviewed the mailing and reduced it to 9 of the most efficient cold email submissions Dragiev says will almost always provide an answer - and perhaps a sales pitch.

What do you do to send a cold email that 33% of potential customers will respond to?

Cold-blooded e-mails have acquired a terrible name. Consequently, opening rate decreases. Over the years, most of us have evolved a thick layer of hide caused by the continuous flood of unrelated email. Unwilling to be satisfied with the "status quo", we worked really hard to break the e-mail copy that would put a big grin on the face of our potential customer.

Over a third of the email receivers respond to our cold e-mails, and nearly 10% have turned into sound occasions. Here is an example of a high personalization sales email: So how exactly would you want to send your next cold e-mail? Use these 5 easy procedures for cold emails:

And we also found out (using this smart LinkedIn hack) that he was recently named Sales Enablement Manager at a high-growth start-up that had recently launched a large financing round. As Jack's start-up, for example, had recently attracted large sums of money, it was to be expected that the business recorded very significant sales revenue increases.

We knew as a Sales Enablement Leader that scaleable growth and reducing ramp-up times for new recruits would probably be an important KPI for him. MindTickle has seen many sales enabling executives take this type of initiative to enhance the sales processes and train new employees. With this example we knew from our Twitter style that Jack likes to "train" the squad by playing tweet during the games.

Neither of these searches and copies would be of any importance if Jack didn't even open our cold e-mail. Not only did Jack open the email as a reward, but he also gave us an opening in his calender. Instead of diving into a pitch with the right side of our head why our products are better, we decided to draw a photo of what we can do to help them.

We developed these techniques further last year and our opening rate for cold e-mails has continuously increased. Although the timings were not right, the kind reactions to our cold e-mails were heart-warming. Believe me, don't just try it out for yourself and see how your opening and converting speeds also get better out of your eyes.

Editorial note: Guest Post by Mohit Garg, co-founder and CEO of MindTickle. Mr. Garg is co-founder and CEO of MindTickle, a SaaS Internet workforce education technology suite; Mr. Garg is in charge of the company's North American and European sales and distribution efforts.

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