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While you can pay for web space, if you are currently a Comcast customer, you can use the free web space that Comcast provides to host your business website. Has Comcast a hosting service for which I already pay today? This is how you create a personal website for Comcast

When you want to build a website for your company, there are several different choices. While you can afford to buy web hosting, if you are currently a Comcast client, you can take full benefit of the free web hosting that Comcast provides to your commercial website.

Comcast Personal Web Page Services uses an easy-to-use web page editing and navigational tool to help you get a page up and running as quickly as possible. Go to the Comcast Personal Web Page in your browser's dash page (see Resources). Press the Start Now Buttons and log in with your Comcast ID and your login name.

To open your homepage in the WYSIWYGditor ("What you see is what you get"), click on "Standard page". On the Web, your page is displayed in the same way as in the Notepad. Once you have selected this item, you can type a name for your page and edit it in the WYSIWYG editors, just like on the home page of your website.

Change the design of your website by selecting the "Change website design" button. Scroll through a number of different topics and click on one to add that topic to your Comcast page. To open your Comcast page in a new tabs, click the Home page and click the View My Site button.

"This is how you create a personal web page for comcasts." Hint: You may need to italicize the page name according to which text editors you insert it into.

Creating a Comcast Website

COMCAST, a wire and communication services provider serving more than 23 million subscribers, provides a free website creation tool. A Comcast High-Fpeed Internet connection is required to get full use of the services. A Comcast customer can build a custom web page that occupies 25 MB of Comcast' web serverspace.

Visit and login to the system with your Comcast user name and your system passwords. When you first login to your Comcast e-mail accounts, you may be prompted to login again to check your credentials. Your Personal Web Pages dashboard will be displayed.

Then click the page creation & editing button. If you want to add and modify your home page, click "Default Page". The page contains an HTML editing tool that you can use to type your web page text (see "HTML Help Resources"). Click this button to next add a new page. When you click "Change Site Theme", you will be able to change the style and style of your website.

It' called the Look & Feel by Comcast. Choose "Upload & manage photos" to build a photogallery where you can save your pictures. To find the pictures you need on your website, click Upload Pictures. This can be added to your website by entering the picture URL (e.g. ) in the HTML editing field under "Create a New Page" or "My Pages".

Select any widgets that are available as options that you can include in your website by going to the "Select and set up widgets" section. Plus, you can include surveys, a calendar, a guestbook, and even a forecast widget on your Comcast page. Organize and share extra downloads you want to use on your website by choosing the View and Share Downloads page.

When you are done modifying your new comcast website or pages, click the Home page. Choose Show My Website from the Home screen. Your work can be found on various web sites.

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