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The Best Community Website Builder Community Website Builder includes blog and forum sites for the use of niches. They are convenient topical tools for exchanging experiences, views, writing commentaries and simply spending your free moments with like-mindedsters. They can be supporters' sites, breeders' and plant breeders' blog, Go gaming lovers, professional carvers, gatherers or supporters of extremist sport.

To put it another way, these are sites that bring together different kinds of interests. You can also consider community networking among the community sites. You cannot create them with Website Builder, so we will not add them to this term. Characteristics of their evolution are very different and therefore this is the job of programming crews, not web designers.

We' ll put more emphasis on blogging and foruming. And what are the best plattforms for creating this type of community site? uCoz is a web builder's tool that allows you to develop web sites that are complex from a technical and functional point of views.

The Wix service meets the needs of newsbies who are planning to build and maintain their own blog with fora. If you want to publish high-performance netblogs or clear forum without add-ons, µCoz is a good choice. For a full description of the features of the service, see the Wix and µCoz extensive review.

However, we will concentrate on the features necessary to build and maintain web sites and bulletin boards in these areas. And Wix comes with friendly Blogging and board engine, which are implemented as an application. Immediately after the installation of a board, the corresponding page is generated on the website automatic. After you add a new blog, a special page with its preferences appears in the Notepad.

In order to start the board preferences, you have to click on the workspace of the editors, where an shortcut key appears in the shortcut menue. Here you can configure the section, lay-out, design and general board parameter (topic, voice, logon accessibility, a lists of spammers and undesirable words).

Besides, you can easily put a new blogs posting feeder on a website - such inclusion will certainly prove useful. In general, clear board design is not a very sensible concept when it comes to Wix. However it will have a neat look as a blogs add-on. You can customize the board layout by choosing one of the section card layout and format, specifying the headline size, or deleting it altogether.

Per blogs (headers, postings, icon and buttons) you can specify font styles and header/notification colors, set your own cloud settings and pick a color from the color chart. There is no limit to the number of added paragraphs - a board can be quite large and contain many sub-categories. In general you get a full, comfortable and attractive board.

And the same goes for managing your blogs. Immediately after the application has been installed, its preferences are taken over into the Edit button drop-down list. This includes creating and modifying postings, selecting feeds (5 variants) and creating a bloc of current postings. It is possible to add a blogseed to any website as a bloc, but it is also possible to add your own page.

Every single book is shown in order in the post editors mail. As you create a new posting, you can select a publishing date, section, web address typing, and web site tag. The text editing is ergonomic and comfortable. Easily and quickly format new postings and add multimedia content.

Click the workspace in the Notepad to get easy navigation to your blog's layouts (8 variations), theme for each area (menu, headers, postings, buttons/backgrounds), a listing of available paragraphs, the ability to generate new paragraphs, and the ability to post new articles and pages to the forumeed.

It is also possible to activate posting for all registrated user in the section Preferences. How to start a blogsite. They can also choose information that is shown in the article, such as the name of the writer, date, read period, counter for the article preview, commentary, and the like. It looks attractive, if not impressing.

It''s characterized by a modern blogseed look, comfortable commenting, beautiful mail designs, and great legibility, provided you've chosen the right typefaces. Plenty of functions are available to administer a private or special blogs for both beginners and experienced people. In combination with a bulletin board you get a perfectly designed and technically designed community website.

Blogs and forums are implemented as specialised uCoz moduls that can be enabled during or after the web site creation phase. It' a good option not only for non-technicians, but also for web designers. Forums, just like blogs, will look and work the way they do.

In order to activate the function, you should open the preferences and turn one of the moduls - a blogs or a forums - into a homepage. It is also a great choice for a community website or Stephen King fan site, for example. Blogs allow you to create material catagories, fill them with articles, set the newsfeed layout, viewing and post layout options, and define general properties for all pictures used in a blogs (width/height of thumbnails and full version, compressing quality).

You can activate a mail review and e-mail comment feature, choose the type of display (category, name, artist, date, picture, etc.), use additional boxes, set the number of items shown at all tiers (home page, folders, RSS Feed, ratings), and choose a sort feature by default. E-mail reviews can also be sent to the user's e-mail address. If you add a new article, you can deactivate your personal comment, picture or direct acces to it.

Text editors are comfortable and allow you to perform all fundamental formating functions. In general, the usCoz blogs are quite sophisticated and do not fall behind specialised plattforms in functionality. Incidentally, much will depend on a selected pattern - it is better to use a proper branded shop branded shop style from the online shop.

Even the implementation of the µCoz forums is quite powerfull. The number of topics for a page, the progress bar, the viewing options, and the amount of time a subscriber can delete/edit a subject can all be specified. Wix and µCoz seem to be the most sensible solution with such a diverse range of community website creators.

They have nothing in common and are interesting for different types of web developer, from novices to pros, who are redesigning from the ground up individual, tailor-made web sites. Often blog ging and bulletin boards are combined well to a website, which makes communicating between the user comfortable. So they can all reread the contributions in order to further debate them in a discussion board or in the comment area, exchange experiences and resolve the most pressing issues.

uCoz and Wix both work great for this type of website. It' easier to setup the theme and adding custom functionality by adding apps to a WYSIWYG Website Builder. A lot happens through uCoz coding, while the easiest way to get a breathtaking look here is to buy it in uTemplates.

In general, both motors are at their best when it comes to starting community sites. There will be a blogs and a board with impressing designs on one night here. It will be a place for artists, authors, designers, and other creative people, as it's easy and convenient to create a private online diary.

With uCoz, you can take advantage of more variety from all angles if you have programming skills. It is a plattform for advanced user who want to build high-performance and large, customized or personalized sites with additional monetisation goals. When you are planning to start a high traffic and multi-section blogs, you will not find a better website builder to achieve this objective.

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