Completely free Wordpress Themes

Totally free Wordpress themes

The aim is to be simple, easy and fast while being completely free at the same time. To say nothing of the fact that this topic is also completely free of charge. Launch your internet project with our free WordPress Themes!

the best free WordPress themes

The Serene is the very first free WordPress topic published by Elegant Themes. Courageous and handsome in its typefaces and designs, it uses the WordPress natives to provide a truly breathtaking look that you and your audience will like. is a free, neat, simple, and minimalistic WordPress dossier topic.

Built to present your work and/or project in a stylish and elegant way, it provides a professionally styled look with advanced functionality including: user-defined mail types for asset elements, various layouts option, optimised for advanced search and retrieval (SEO), fast response and retina capability, topic option dashboards, user-defined widgets and many other tools. A free WordPress topic for Blogger, GridBlog provides a great grid-style look and feel that lets you view a wide range of your blog contents at once.

It reacts and adjusts to almost any display resolution, is optimised for performance and smoothEO, contains user-defined Widget, themes option panels, infinite colour scheme, encoded with HTML5 and CSS3, comprehensive user manual and even themesupport! UniteEngine provides enhanced functionality for those you might find typical of a WordPress Topic and provides a rich, one-page look for your website or blogs.

Filled with functions that feature an easy-to-use backend administrative area, it gives you full control of a layouter, parallel effect and a host of other custom functions, all created in a contemporary, slim look. The Tesla is a free premium-style WordPress topic that contains enhanced functions and functions that you would not normally find in a free WordPress topic.

Perfect for use as a portfoliosite, it includes: a dedicated galleries area, a custom blogs area, and a content-rich contents control for viewing your most important contents - plus a bunch of other functions that let you customise the look and feel of your website.

Partallax One is a neat, professionally designed and easy one-page WordPress topic that is ideal for companies or those looking for a classy look for their website. The free of charge site provides: an appealing lay-out and look, pallax pattern items, infinite colour scheme, contacts information, a user-defined option pane, and a fully customisable home page that gives you the freedom to build a truly original looking website.

The Olsen Light is the ideal option for life style blogging, fashions or anyone who wants a cleaner, more minimalistic, more modern and clear look. Design features include an appealing look, customized widgets, Instagram integrations, built-in community content management services, and a customized tool that lets you change the look and feel of many different parts of the design.

The Basic was developed for those who want to have full aesthetic controls over their website - and a good basis for building their own blogs or websites. There are many functions that are typical to be found only in premier themes, such as an appealing lay-out, light box insertion (without plugin), HTML5/CSS3 coding, and many other functions that help make it one of the best decisions in the development of your own design.

The Live is a free, magazine-style WordPress topic that contains functions and functions you would normally find in a high-quality topic. Based on Bootstrap and the Underscores frameworks, it uses a magazine-style design and contains a number of premium-style functions such as: a "trending" Content widget, a Tabbed widget, the possibility to display "new" and "popular" articles, subscription to newsletters and much more!

The Point is a free, reactive WordPress publishing topic that is both rich and powerful. Using the Extended Topic Option pane, you can select from several page layout, background, and colour scheme choices and customise design functions. The Meeta is a neat and fresh topic that gives your website or your blogs an ultra-pure and contemporary look.

With a slim look, it takes advantage of many functionality normally found only in premier themes, including: mail template, fast response layouts and designs, customized widgets, and more! It' re adaptable and up-to-date and can be used on almost any kind of blogs or websites. Soon is a free WordPress topic that allows you to create a page for your website or a "coming soon" wildcard.

The one-sided look provides a sleek, neat and stylish look that allows you to tempt your website users to come back to your site or take actions (sign up for the newsletters, register for your own personal diary, etc.) - ideal for blogging, applications, service, product or any kind of website. The Great features a magazinestyle look that feels more traditionally or classically.

Its minimalistic look offers a clear and persuasive look that allows your customers to find exactly what they are looking for with ease. User-defined Widgets, skilled programming and an attractive lay-out make sure that you make a good first appearance. The Integral is a neat, classy and contemporary one-page WordPress topic developed for the needs of many different end user and industry sectors.

If you are a contractor who wants to present your work, a start-up that wants to market its service and product, or just looking for a contemporary and attractive website look and feel, it provides customisation to give you the look and feel and function you want. Bulletin Board is a Pinterest-like topic for WordPress that was designed by MyThemeShop and can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Uses a grid-style lay-out with user-defined (built-in) functions, limitless background and colour scheme, and is fully customisable. HTML5/CSS3 was used to create the reactive layouts and designs, which correspond to the latest web developing technologies. Able to fit both a classic blogs and a web site or on-line magazines, Gadgetry has been designed with an appealing Fuse Framework lay-out and styling to provide your users with an outstanding browser viewing environment.

Your homepage has a stacks of raster layouts under a classy and eye-catching contents control (which can be useful for presenting your most popular/important content). The Smart Blog comes with a clear, contemporary and minimalistic look that contains a number of premier functions - it is a WordPress topic suitable for almost any kind of contents.

This topic provides a full blown blogsolution from response designs to the list of "popular posts" in the side bar. Focusing on your contents and pictures, BiancaA's minimalistic WordPress themes give you the ideal opportunity to easily create and distribute your own WordPress documents and/or pictures. Fast response layouts and designs ensure that your website looks good on all kinds of screens and equipment.

TwoShock is a completely free, two-color WordPress topic for blogs and magazines. There are some of the best functions that ThemeShop has developed, such as an option control, user-defined Widgets, translatable functions and SEO-optimized functions. Featuring a uniquely designed look that contains a user-defined metainformation texture, it's definitely visitable. The GeneralPress is a versatile, customizable, news story or journalistic WordPress topic that uses a time-less colour pattern - so it can be used for any kind of blogs or websites.

No matter if you run a newsgroup site, a reviews site or even a face-to-face blogsite - it offers unsurpassed value and functionality for a free web site experience. MyThemeShop Playbook is a classic blog-style WordPress topic with a two-column lay-out, a fully appealing look, and all the best MyThemeShop functions and adjustments.

Topics include Optimizing for SEOs, customized Widget, a world-leading Topic Option panel, and more! The Public Opinion Lite is a free WordPress topic created and created in the spirit of a journal. Mummy&Me is a WordPress topic for parents and mother (Mommy) bloggers who want to share their stories. Each last detail of this topic has been handcrafted to give you a good looking and working website or blog.

Additional functions and improvements include: an images galleries, ratings/reviews and much more. With enhanced capabilities that allow you to take full advantage of the theme's capabilities, Charitas Lite is a high-performance free design that provides everything you need to build a great website. The Ribbon is a magazine-style WordPress topic that offers a broad postal ad and a classic blog-style lay-out.

There is a two-tone look, plenty of white space to present your contents, and all the other functions you would want from a look. With NovaPress you can build your own virtual website or blogs using the ViralNova website's favorite designs. Featuring an appealing mesh look, endless scroll, as well as socially shared symbols (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), the site's look gives you a look that you and your users will surely like.

The Launcher is a reactive web site designer (technically a plugin) that provides a neat and easy way to announce the start of your forthcoming web site or blogs. Our website is designed to fit your visitor's web browsing preferences, with an appealing lay-out, a countdown timer, unsubscribe boxes and smart visual and animation features that add style and character to your website.

The Brittany Light is a neat and clear WordPress topic for your own private weblog, fashions page or life style weblog - with a hint of female style and feeling. Optimised for performance, legibility, ease of use, and ease of use, and based on an appealing and neat, minimalistic lay-out and styling, your website or Blog will look great on all your equipment.

With a clear and contemporary design in classic blogstyle, the design has been optimised for ease of use and function. Developed with an eye to future orientated trend and future orientatedEO, it has an appealing design that can be adapted to the monitor sizes of any user. The SportsBlog is a blog-style WordPress topic for sport blogging, web sites or on-line message publishing.

Each detail of this topic has been meticulously worked out to give your website a sophisticated and professionally styled look that will enhance your contents. Are you looking for a contemporary sport look - then it's definitely a visit there. Your unmistakable, left-oriented layouts of your contributions and contents allow you to adjust to large picture formats and attract new viewers or reader into your contributions.

The JustBlue is an attractive WordPress template designed with HTML5/CSS3 to give you the latest web page creation capabilities. Offering a clear and professionally looking look, it is suited to almost any sector, subject and area. dual navigational menu and customized Widget allow you to take advantage of some extra functions that are not included in most free designs.

V Verb provides a magazinestyle look that is contemporary, reactive, clean und diverse. It would work just as well as a private blogs like an on-line mag or a newsletter. The Bloggie comes with a classic blogs look and feel that gives you everything you need to get your blogs up and running quick.

eTheme2 is a replica of the Apple OS look and is built on one of the most beloved free WordPress themes in the Apple Corporation's repository. Attractive layouts and designs, coupled with enhanced features, give you a look similar to that of a standard product at no extra cost. The Groovy was created with a very clear and minimalistic magazinestyle styling that relies strongly on spaces and type to achieve great results.

Stylish and courageous in its look, it is a clear and user-friendly free styling. The Academica was developed to serve as a CMS-like topic for the educational or non-profit sector. Professionally trusted designs add credence to your organisation, schools, colleges or other institutions while providing advanced functionality and styling at the same time.

Deliver Lite is a neat and stylish blog delivery system, with a magazinestyle look that is easy and straightforward. The AccentBox uses subtile Textures, Shade and Appearance for a look that is both stylish and slick. Featuring a stylish colour scheme, it offers a look that's both attractive and eye-catching - allowing your website users to concentrate on your work.

At the same time, WordPress is a business-centric topic that uses a one-sided look and feel to present your information. Sharing your customer work, experiences, project, photos and information about the user-friendly lay-out and look. The Journal offers functions you would normally only find in a high-quality WordPress topic. Featuring an integrated search engine, optimisation for advanced search, several page laysouts and template files, an appealing page style and styling and unlimited page bars as just a few of the many top themes - it is the ideal option for many different types of websites and blogging.

When WP Premium was first introduced, a trailblazer of its thematic approach, it gained much appreciation and appreciation. Offering a neat and easy lay-out that addresses many blogs and different kinds of themes and contents. Although it's been several years since it was first published, it has been completely revised and upgraded to work with the latest WordPress releases.

Shea Litewas was developed for the journalist looking for a professional encoded topic that follows contemporary web designs and developing technologies. Almost all facets of the designs have been optimized: Easy on your desktop, SEO-friendly, schema. org-integration (for large clippings), rapid loading time, slim styling, reactive layouts (adapts to portable devices), integrated ad tracking, user-defined ratings/reviews, and a high-performance topic option panel that allows infinite customization. What's more, you can create your own customizable themes with the help of the integrated ad manager.

Tribune is a free topic developed for Blogger. Featuring a super-clean and minimalistic look that gives your blogs a contemporary look, it's also loaded with advanced web page styling capabilities such as HTML5, CSS3 and an appealing look. Hopefully, this summary of some of the world's best free WordPress themes should have help you find a great site or blogs look - one that works well and gives you the look you want.

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