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The Visual Composer approach aims to reduce the barrier between business and IT with the help of easy-to-use visual tools. Complimentary Edition WordPress editors are replaced by an easy-to-use user friendly draft and pop user interfaces. Due to its automated reactivity and built-in advanced web site management (SEO) standard, it is a true gain in speed for web designers and novices alike. There will be a fundamental working mechanic to work with the contents part of a WordPress topic. The free edition comes with free media items, pre-defined themes, custom designs, and other premier functionality.

eCommerce (Woo Commerce) business process management, expert client management, new media assets and pre-defined template. Furthermore, the Premier Edition provides a facility for creating WordPress template, header, and footer files from your WordPress Web site. It will be introduced later in 2018.

Imagine how much you can review your website with Visual Composer Website Builder: Overview, prices and functions

You can use Website Builder to help you build Web sites and pages on WordPress quickly and easily. No matter if you are a novice or a pro, the Website Builder adjusts to your study curves and your knowledge state. You can use this plug-in to build a website, even if you are not a web designer or technically skilled human being.

Quickly and effortlessly organize your layouts with a drag-and-drop surface that lets you move items across a page. The Visual Composer graphical environment is also fully customizable. For example, you can choose how you want to browse your page by specifying how you want to browse the page on the top, bottom, left, or right of the page.

You can rename the standard element name so you can quickly browse through your layouts. You can also show and hide items on a Web site. Allows you to manipulate the contents of your website from your portable device. Visual Composer has a fast-reacting movable surface (mobile operator interface), which makes the administration of contents over Smartphones and tables the child's play.

The Visual Composer is provided with front end and back end editing tools that make it simple for you to build your website and administer its layouts, contents and items. His front-endditor is actually a front-end viewer for Live-WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). That means that any changes you make will immediately take effect in the Notepad and you can see how your website and its contents will look when you publish it.

Conversely, Visual Composer's back-end editors are circuit diagram editors that allow you to directly build and modify the contents of your website from the WordPress administration dashboard. It displays the layout of your contents as lines, colums and table of contents and it is very useful if you are building an introductory layout for your website or working with target pages that contain a large amount of contents.

If you create a website with Visual Composer, you can get an extensive set of ready-to-use page contents to improve your website and ensure consistent style. High-quality, well-designed authoring assets including text pads, pictures, hero section, button, icon, standard and customized WordPress Widget, and community widget.

Even before you are adding a particular item to your website, you can view it first in the thumbnail. Visual Composer gives you the flexibility to choose the right website for you. Page Builder gives you extended styling choices to let you adjust cushioning, edge, boundary, edge, radius, and more.

It has an easy-to-use form splitter, for example, that lets you split the parts of a website and applies colours, blending, backgrounds or video to forms. Customize a backdrop is one of the advanced customizations available in Visual Composer. Or you can add para-lax effect to the section, column or row wallpaper; or add a zoom-in/out effect to give your website a vibrant look and draw the visitor's eye.

The Visual Composer allows you to build a portable website. A smart system that makes your website fully portable right from the beginning. When you want to check the reactivity of your website, the plug-in makes it possible. You can, for example, fade out items or customize the areas for desktops, tables, or telephones.

In order to complete it, Visual Composer can be used with any WordPress topic. Easily move between topics without loosing the prior contents you generated from the WordPress Classical or Standarditor. The reason for this is that Website Builder has the ability to detect and converts available contents.

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