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In case you cannot find what you are looking for in our Help Center, you can always contact us by submitting a ticket. 70M user supported by Wix with WebRTC If you want to help more than 70 million small businesses around the world build and maintain their web presences, the capacity to scaling and continuously enhance client services is critical. Based on the pledge that small businesses should be able to monitor their own on-line fate, Wix has been developed to help small businesses to become more competitive.

It' has disturbed an whole sector with its "no codes required" do-it-yourself web site that allows individual people to quickly and simply build nice web sites. Founded in 2006, the enterprise has grown rapidly and reached 20 million subscribers by 2012. And as the organization expanded, it continued to grow beyond its original call centre platforms. Wix's first call centre was constructed with an out-of-the-box approach, but the Wix staff soon realised they needed more scrutiny and customisation to keep up with and administer client response - an important element of overall commercial renewal.

They needed to be able to quickly respond to users' queries and at the same times use inbound information to enhance their product and solution offerings. Partial telephone system and partial recording system, the rig also needed to be scalable to support growing call volume from 500 per night to over 2,000 or more, with each call categorised and associated with multiple support items.

A few easy mouse clicks are all it takes for a user to quickly create and personalise their own website. Our goal is to leverage every user engagement and transform it into a way to enhance our product and enhance our customers' experiences. As well as recording and categorising all incoming phone calls, Wix IVR allows them to pre-allocate their user base to instantly know who is making the call and to immediately share this information with their agent.

The Wix community consists of small businesses, performers, musicians as well as college and college people. Call centres currently support 3 different tongues, with schedules to expand, and clients from 190 different nationalities. Since Wix is expanding into other global geographies, it may offer a fully integrated call centre access solution. Today, Wix's two U.S. call centres are at the heart of the organization, where 120 employees respond to customer queries and collect input to be shared with products and marketers.

The Wix Call Centre, with a well over 80 million subscriber base and increasing growth, provides an education platform for subscribers looking for an answer to their needs and a conduit for the business to find ways to enhance its product, solution and service. "While we want to enlighten and provide them with the tools they need, we are at the same moment monitoring this information to see what kind of enhancements we can make to our products," Rush said.

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