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The ContentBuilder.js is a JQuery plugin that converts a <div> element into an editable area. With the Content Builder you can move modules via a "floating" toolbar, edit modules and delete modules.

ContentBuilder.js Paper - Writing everything nice

It is possible to insert your own clippings in this one. In order to get the HTML content: var eHTML = $('#contentarea').data('contentbuilder').html(); Below is an example of a plain slice and how it would look in the Builder as content blocs, available for dragging and dropping.

Joomla! 3x Joomla plug-in

ContentBuilder is an easy-to-use, fast and efficient content building set that everyone can understand and closes the loop between the crack and normal Joomla! user who wants to take advantage of a CCK. ContentBuilder's primary role is to help organize Joomla! content (articles) while maintaining content layout. However, you can do much more with it, such as catalogs, directories, classified ads, basic communities, Paid Content, File Selling, Image Galleries, Extended Joomla! registries (including capturecha and pay registrations), File Directories, Article Submission, List/Details Views, Display Records... or normal CRUD (create, read, refresh, delete) surgeries.

Either use the built-in Forms Builder or use the Breezing Forms to manipulate content. Joomla!® 3.x or 2.5. The ContentBuilder allows the creation of content without substituting the Joomla! product system. ContentBuilder actually produces periodic content elements that you can use on your website like any other content - without the need for specialized plug-ins or kernel replacement programs.

In addition, you can use ContentBuilder to manage authorizations for multiple promotions, such as content accessing, content processing, item parameters setting, publication, and so on. The ContentBuilder provides a well-defined plug-in infrastucture to extend its capabilities: The ContentBuilder comes with a wide range of plug-ins, such as PayPal payments, picture size changes (thumbnails), downloading and the most popular forms validation tools.

The ContentBuilder provides an easy-to-use integral Shape Builder. Our BremenForms enthusiasts will be interested to know that it also fits into ContentBuilder very well. Customers can already install BremenZingForms 1.7.5 and, if they wish, use it instead of the included Forme Builder. Build your own custom templates in breezing shapes, and ContentBuilder works with your template information.

While ContentBuilder can be downloaded for free, you may find it useful to become a member.

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