Convert Wordpress Theme to Drupal

Wordpress theme to convert to Drupal

The first thing we recommend is to choose a stylish design for your website. topics - How do I convert a Wordpress topic? Assigning styles to your style sheets is simple, but I'm looking for a way to assign style sheets. The reason for this is that the templating architectures differ so much. However, here are the things you should take for the quickest converting .

..... Download the topic in Wordpress and look at the website in a web browser. _GO ( Intended use is to retrieve the HTML base texture of the template).

Saving in a new projects directory. Use this new subfolder to copy your existing files to your new projects directory. It is recommended to use a directory "css" and a directory "js" for the organisation. Now copy all pictures into this group. It is recommended to use the directory "images". You now have the basic artwork you need to turn it into a design for Drupal.

It is recommended to copy the theme "Garland" to a new projects directory and rename it to your new theme name. In the new Theme projekt, copy the directories as follows: bss, ys and pictures. Manipulate page to download your own HTML pages and styles. Change the xs and ys filenames to make pictures and other filename locations so that they are related to them.

A side-by-side compare between the page.tpl.php and your HTML templ ated files requires you to convert the structures of the page files so that they come closer to those of the html files. Or you can use a design framework that provides a theme for your templates to work on. For more information, visit the Drupal website at (search by topic).

In the following you will find some basic topics. Lastly, here is a hyperlink to Drupal's Thematization Handbook. Also, I suggest a system line grids because it's very versatile and you won't have any layouts issues. Also, I was looking for a way to convert a WordPress theme to Drupal, but couldn't find a simple workaround.

As my Drupal page is mainly textual, I chose to make an frame within my WP page that contains the Drupal page. I' ve deleted the headers and footers from the Drupal templates and now all I have is the solid inside my WP page. I' ll have to customize the Drupal page a bit, but I'm really looking forward to this hybrids one.

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