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Recently we launched our new course How to Start a Blog That Matters. Thats a cool idea, I'm glad that I saw this, thanks for sharing your idea, I'm mma use this lol. Having a good About Us page is critical to the success of any blog. I would say this is cool to "borrow" from other domains too, not just from the web. Once A List Apart is loaded, you know that you have found a unique blog.

Seventeen things that the best bloggers have that yours may not.

Well, you may have noticed that I don't waste much of my life blogging. One thing that I spent quite a bit of my spare tire on is to visit the best blog and website in different corners to "borrow" from them. When writing about the lunar landings, they only reread other lunar landings or related lunar geeker blog posts.

Many of my contents or various upcoming project proposals have come from looking at pages in a niche where I have no interest at all. Throughout this article I'll show you some of the things I've learnt from my trips, what the best bloggers do on their pages.

Experts like The Guardian, National Geographic and others like them all have very strong views about where their contents should go over the years. Of course, this applies not only to your blog's objectives, but also to things you want to accomplish with your blog, and then to things you want to accomplish with your blog.

Consider some long-term objectives you want to reach, and then incorporate your blog into this itinerary. When you have seen my article last weeks about how to get traffics, you will know that I probably don't want to refer to my article on the best pages about us. Well, I suppose it's kind of pertinent.

Having a good About Us page is critical to the overall blog experience. It' usually the second page that folks come to and can go a long way to interest a casual user a little more in your contents or even your mailinglist. It' personally, it has pictures and it gets you deep into their contents.

So you should use a site like this to help get to know you. Turn it into a narrative, not just the blog's history. I' ll talk about that later, but right now I just want to say that a good photo is really important to help get your audience connected and to take your blog seriously.

Obtain some reader input and consider if you want to show it on this page below. Help makes a person feels part of a group. So why not show them a few of your column entries so they can get a sense of your blog? If you summarize all this, you have a beautiful little section where they can get to know you.

Allows you to advertise contents, partners, new items, new sites and so on. So if you are new to blogs (and many of my readership are), you will probably be a little afraid of this blog. But the fact is that it is very difficult to build a blog on a free blog like Blogger or Tumblr.

I' m talking in my blog posting videos about why I think you need to move away from the free domainname and get one that reflects your trademark - something you own entirely. Personally, I just really loathe the concept of having different person build their diary collection on a computer repute they don't own.

You really need your hosted service - as well as the type of CMS you use. If you are a beginner and would like to have your own blog hosted, here are some suggestions and setup guidelines. Now you can turn a page in your blog into an on-line shop, make event reservations, run a website for downloads... the lists are really infinite.

But the best blog and Web sites have super-fast committed webhosting and use things like content supply networking to get pictures and artwork to you quicker. That will be the subject of a forthcoming posting, as I suppose there are many Tyrant troops growing out of their own Shared Hosted area.

However, as I always try to clear up, not at the cost of your most important assets - your blog. However, the most important thing about multi-content battlefields is that you really have to try to get away from the pure use of text and into videos, photographs, pictures, eBooks, tutorials, podcasts, and all other types of medias that exist.

That variety really does help keep your blog safe from the ups and downs of Google. Long ago I posted a article on ProBlogger on how to use advertisements to enlarge your blog. And even if you only spent a little of a Facebook, like Neil Patel does when he's driving a new feature, it will help you step in front of new folks and hopefully get some focused exposure.

They not only help your readership associate with your face and your character, they reverse any adverse impact that a trashy photograph has on your blog. Immediately I immediately start to get a little less interested in some blog posts, if the pictures (especially the ones about us) are only stick pictures or were taken with an iPhone.

It is really important for bloggers to do this because it is part of the demarcation from the masses. When you can come up with something unique and put it on your own voices and everything you do, you will find that they are more interested in your work. If you are reading contents on a really good website (like Dooce), blog or books, you will find that there is a very clear vote.

It is so important to have a clear typing vocal in your blog - it is something I have talked about a long way in my article about how to better spell. It is really helpful for me to be able to really see the kind of person I want to ring out as well as I can.

It makes me think that I should be modest somehow (because I admire them), but also relaxed because we've known each other for a long while. No matter if it's done with your own trademark and logotype or, even better, something you wear through all your contents and the way you use it.

Well, a bunch of folks say you have to be inventive, I don't think so. All the best blogging has all the possibilities to be different from others. Be it through a particular historic incident (like the sale of some Blogs and working on a couch!) or through a way in which you provide an everyday article like the new.

It' another example of how Google tries to share high value sites with those who search with their engines. I' m not a big fan of either myself, but the appealing look is better because it presents all your contents as before. Create some Google Alerts for your blog's related keys.

My guidelines for authoring contents include the different kinds of authors you can have. You can find the top blog or two in your alcove and just keep an eye on what they are doing. BuzzFeed and Huffington Post will always be informed about new developments.

Some of the best blog's don't have a neat side bar, but you can wager that most of them have some clear objectives for their side bar. For example, take the example of softwares - I don't think they are used, and I don't think the softwares that users use don't do much either.

You should use a side bar to guide individuals to the results you want. This could be your mailinglist or the best contents. And try not to overload it and get too many confused about it. Enterprises like Moz (formerly SEOmoz) are transforming from a "pure" company to a more focused on contents.

Others think that it hasn't really improved and the old tactic of using search engines still works. And if you're not comfortable with solving problems with solving them, then check out my Beginner's guide to solving problems with solving problems with solving problems with solving problems with solving them. Here the main idea is that, like the big blog, you have to look at how to write for human beings, but also at the rankings for human beings.

Take a look at one of the top blog posts and you'll find that they all have a strong emphasis on green topics - always pertinent and (if possible) accessible to novices. It is important because it will help you attract new audience by reaching not only your current readership, but also those who wouldn't otherwise have known about your work.

As far as possible, create your contents for new audiences. When it is good, you will find that all your readership will benefit and your audiences will continue to grow. Well, what would you like your blog to have? Let us now pass it on to you boys and gals - what feature, idea or achievements have you seen in the best blog and wish they were on yours?

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