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He uses a three-column layout with square cards for each of the blog posts. It uses a three-column layout with a stylized map design that matches the website. Note that each screenshot is clickable and leads to the website itself. Pages and blogs are the playground of web developers everywhere. That' s why you often see a lot of really cool tricks and ideas in the game.

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Michael Barrick's The Appalachian Chronicle is a relatively new blog with a spotlight on alternative energies in the mountainous states of Appalachia, concern for the environment and a major spotlight on how our humans are affected - the inhabitants of the heights. WVSORO (West Virginia Surface Owners Rights) Es gibt eine gute Präsentation mit dem Titel The Industrialization of Rural West Virginia Causeed by the Marcellus Gas Playon the WVSORO site.

County Action Group Ground Zero for Marcellus Slate Holes in West Virginia. Our aim is to maintain an unpolluted groundwater level. This will be done by raising awareness (among people) of the risks associated with environmental (industrial) contamination, by collecting and carrying out research, by organising our employees and our natural resource base... by working with regional, state and/or governmental authorities to encourage legislation to protect our waters. This Marcellus Hale Gaz drill website is devoted to the provision of photographs, facts, views, histories and messages about the Marcellus Hale Game. offers the public a place where they can find out about and exchange their experience with Marcellus slate sinking.

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