Cool Chrome Backgrounds

Chrome Cool Backgrounds

To change your wallpaper on Google Chrome. In the manifest, background scripts are registered under the "Background" field. The new backgrounds of the Google Chrome tabs will be integrated into Google Photos.

Over the past few week we've been looking at a new Chrome function that allows the user to change the look of the new User Defined Backgrounds tabs. Well, it was found that this function can be integrated into Google Photos. Introduced in May, this new function offers the user an easier way to customise the new Chrome tabs with user-defined backgrounds.

Apparently, this function will come from the Chromecast Backdrops Library as well as from the ChromeOS Wallpapers available there. Obviously, this will go further than that. Over Chromebooks records a new transmission that shows that this function will be integrated into Google Photos to allow further customizations. Transfer will determine that people will be able to choose from their photo collections, but will only allow people who are already logged in to Chrome.

Enables your customers to choose one of their pictures from Google Pictures and make it their NTP wallpaper. At this time, only those who are already logged into their Google Accounts are supported. As far as we can tell, there's nothing that limits it to a particular operating system, so it should work on Windows, Mac, Linux and of course Chrome operating system machines.

There is still no indication as to when this function will actually go Live for the user, but it is currently displayed in canary build when flag is on.

Changing your wallpaper on Google Chrome: 11 paces

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