Cool Iphone Themes

Coolly iPhone themes

Designed to easily create non-jackbreak themes for iOS (iPhone & iPad) devices, iSkin makes them available online for everyone to install on their Apple devices. It' a cool and new experience. From Cydia you can easily download themes.

Cool themes & wallpapers Lite in the App Store

Tired of using a plain image as your iPhone / iPod Touch wallpaper? Do you want to achieve a perfectly matched startup and lockdown screens? Get this cool apple! What can I do to use these themes wallpapers? Search for your favourite wallpapers. In the upper toolbar, touch the "Save" pushbutton (2nd pushbutton from the left).

Be sure to check "Save Start Screen", "Save Lock Screen" or "Save Both" in "Photos" on your machine. Go to "Photos" and pick the wallpaper you want to use. Use as wallpaper" > "Set" > "Set lock screen", "Set start screen" or "Set both". It is Cool Themes' goal to offer you the most attractive and most cool thematic wallpapers!

Do you like topics? Make us like you! Oh, I really adore this application!!!!! I' ve always been looking for an application like this, I had a hard period with fitting pictures to do the same what this application does, for my lock sign display to have a different but similar or the same thematic image as my home sign display background, so unnecessarily I'm really agitated and like it!

Wish there were more free themes open to the public for free and a whole bunch more new themes to pick from every day, but apart from that it's a fantastic application I'd highly suggest to anyone who likes me, loves and hoards wallpapers and wants an easy way or application that matches the images!

but why do you say "themes"?!!!!!!?? NEVER a topic!!!!!!!.... I love this application, I use it every day. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Top 10 iPhone Themes for iOS 9

So if you are using an iPhone, there are probably a few good reason for this, and the way iPhone 9 looks can be one of them. It' also possible that you have been using an iPhone for many years and only want a small modification, and when you're broke, you almost always modify everything, as far as the look of your iPhone is a few fingertips away.

However, with the relatively new child named iPOS 9 on the pad, not all themes currently supported Apple's latest development of the portable OS. Here we have ten of the best themes found in Cydia, and all will work well under 9.0-9.0 isOS. Ayeris, which has now been upgraded for version 9 of your system, is available for download from the BigBoss Repository and costs $3.99.

Ayeris is one of our favourite topics with our improved version 9 and the great improvement of his appearance and feeling. Muze 2 is fully conformant to iPhone 9 and can be purchased for $2.49 from the ZodTTTD & MacCiti library. This design can be down-loaded from the ModMyi $1.49 depository and contains over 300 thematic symbols as well as a new Control Center design and additional background images.

With pastels that are harmless yet pleasant to the touch, this topic will be loved by many. Insight, like many other themes, is available free of charge from Cydias ModMyi Repo and picks up the often-busy iOS startup screens and substitutes its symbols for something quite soothing. The Ace El Cap topic gives you round symbols and a more OS X El Capitan-like feel.

Topic available for $1.99 from ZodTTTD & MacCiti repos. Axla 3 is available for $2.99 from the ZodTTDD & MacCiti repos and is one of the best looking themes you'll come across. Featuring light, colourful and highly detailled symbols, your iPhone will look truly stunning.

0bscure 7 is available for downloading Cydia's ModMyi repos and has recently been upgraded to include iOS 9 functionality. 0bscure 7 provides a black-and-white aesthetics that will be very reminiscent. Again, which can be downloaded from the ZodTTTD & MacCiti Repository, the name of Flat 8 reveals exactly what it has to offer - a topic as shallow as it gets.

Aupi offers neat, light symbols that fit the background image, and has over 170 app-specific symbols for your enjoyment. Featuring a different perception of the well-known icon types already used by most of us, Rupi is available through the ZodTTTD & MacCiti library for $2.99 and looks neat without being too minimalist.

When you want something new without having to go along the path taken by many, take a look at this topic. 10, iPhone 9 compatible designs that will keep you busy for a while. Join us on Twitter, join us on your Google+ Google network, or like our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest information from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.

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