Cool Music Bands

Coole music groups

Both Clash' debut and 'London Calling' are two really great albums, and Joe Strummer was as cool as a man can be. Relax in the list of music artists, with photos rated from best to worst in the polls. Ever since then he has made it his business to keep big horns cool again. became one of the greatest rock & roll bands in history.

Top 50 of the best bands of all times

Arcade Fire have had a singular tone - and a singularly large group - since their very first ever European release. Probably the best UK group of the millennium? Blur, who are not scared of developments, have been growing up a great deal since the 90s - but they never ceased to make great music, as their "Reunion" record The Magic Whip showed.

Guy Garvey's warm text rightly made Elbow the nation's favorite group in the 90s. Niceest man in the world of music. It'?s the greatest skirt group of the 21 st century. Nowhere else has caught the insanity of the 1980' as well as Axl, Slash and the guys. Joy Division's deep, powerful tone is as powerful as it was when they first came out.

There' s a good excuse why folks would be selling their souls for a zeppelin meeting - nobody rocked as rough as these boys. Smaller bands would have given up after Richey Edwards' departure, but the manics just got better. and revolutionized what Stadionrock can do.

Pretty good for a group that had earlier Gothic Plague and Fixed Penalty name. Kurt retains his iconic spirit, but it is the astonishing music that makes Nirvana so legend. Once upon a time the British music business was turned on its head by Mr and Mrs Jasi - and who says they won't do it again?

The Pixies separated bitterly after creating the basis for bands like Nirvana and Weezer - luckily they soon got together again. Her latest record proves that placebo can still rock and shocker like no other group. They' ve made a lot of changes to their sounds, but have never given up the unbelievable power that distinguishes them as true original.

It gave back to skirt music the momentum it desperately needed in the early 2000s and we are always thankful for that. Suede threw down the glove for other Britpop Titanium of the 90s and even succeeded in sounding significant when they re-united a few years ago. Carl Barat and Pete Doherty thrilled the audience with their love/hat/love relationship and also introduced some of the best contemporary UK music.

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