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Coole personal blogs

And Belle Renee: Too cool for school: Seven blogs that I like to read every single time. You got a fistful of blogs you just want to track for laughs? That' s right, I'm not speaking about the blogs you are following because you are feeling as if you "should", or because they refer to your careers or because you know the blogs guy, or because omg-like-everyone-else-else-you-know-you-know follows them.

No, I ask - which blogs do you post just because you really love them? In recent years, I've actually made the conscious step away from pursuing mainly feed blogs (which all too often put me in this old vicious circle of comparisons, jealousies, and insecurities) and am now following blogs in completely different recesses - and it was great.

I' ve got blogs on Feedly for photographs I adore, cool guys working for societal righteousness, interesting prospects on beliefs, things I want to try, whatever! Most of the time it's just blogs that have nothing to do with prescriptions, and I think I'm looking forward to read them more than ever.

However, this means that the blogs in my readers that get the most hits from a mudslide belong to my favourite categories that I have called oh-so creative - get yourself prepared - "fun". Thus if any of you are in search of some new non-prescription blogs, I thought I would be sharing 7 of my favourites with you today.

Erin Loechner's lifestyles blogs are full of beautiful stories about everything from beauty (she's a professional) to education, marriages, traveling and more. I have never personally seen Erin, but my goodness, I have the feeling that she is such a related one. I' ve really been enjoying surfing her blogs for years (like, so many years!) to get a dash of live inspired and beautiful fiction.

Your contributions on the navigation of maternity (with her cute little child) and matrimony have always been among my favourites. However, I have always been particularly attached to their contributions about work, creativeness and self-sufficiency, probably because they are always words that I have to take to my hearts. And I really admit how courageous and open she has been to some extent develop/change her careers over the last ten years, and I can't really expect to go anywhere the next paths may take.

Each and every contribution in her life is archived. Joanna Goddard's life story blogs are full of chance stories, question and answer stories, recommended products, and periodic contributions to everything from styling and dining to designing, traveling, dating and maternity. It is another reading of many years for me, and one that I still look forward to very much.

Your contributions are always interesting and funny, and I look forward to their listing of hyperlinks every week-end. Remarkable as well - she has really great readership, so the commentary parts on her contributions are usually just as intriguing to look at. Your periodic "Have A Love Weekend" contributions.

See all recommended products listings (see their styles and designs category, although you have to click on the link quickly - their reader buys the articles they love regularly). Elise Blaha Cripe's Elise Blaha Cripe Living and Working Blogs are packed with tonnes of great inspirations for all things D.I.Y. (memory care, home décor, home décor, stitching, photography, prescriptions, gardening), great tools for blogs and business, and an open look at everyday living with her man and two sweet kids.

Emily Schuman's lifestyles and fashions blogs are full of great articles about fashion/beauty, decoration, prescriptions, work, reflection on living with her man and little girl. I' ve always listened to folks talking about this blogs, but it was only a year or two ago that I started to follow regular.

I' ll be the first to confess that fashionable blogs are usually not my thing, but I still think Emily is really down-to-earth and post about trends in an entertaining, useful and approachable way. But more than anything else (I'm realising a topic here...), I really enjoy the contributions when she talks about her man and all the sincere ups and downs of living as a new mother.

Your personal contributions. This is a lifestyles blogs for "career-driven women" with a crew of writers who write several stories a day about careers, cultures, fashion, aesthetics, travelling, wellness and more. Everygirl's site offers a wide range of information for every woman about what it looks like to lead a sensible, wholesome and classy way of being.

You definitely know what kind of issues they are looking for, and keep a good equilibrium between everything that is personal and business, and ambitious and yet approachable. Your amusing contributions. Which it is: A life-style blogs by Amanda Holstein (who also currently works for The Everygirl), full of "advice for the young girl" on everything from fashions to beauties, decorations, relations, blogs and more.

Recently I found this blogs and really enjoyed it in my 30s. It has a really sweet look and publishes all kinds of really useful step-by-step guides on all aspects of styling (from head to step to skin care and make-up tip to trend consulting and more). However, she also has some great blogs and careers postings as well as her brand relations advices.

All in the records of actual living. It' a minimalistic Courtney Carver blogs full of some of the best stories and advice I've seen on how to lead a simpler and more sensible lifestyle. At the moment, everyone seems to be talking about blogs about minimumism, but Courtney's is one who has always attracted my attention in the masses.

Reading it on a regular basis to recenter myself, I collect all the good Courtney advice on how to actually make everything easier, from my dressing room to my timetable to my online lifestyle and beyond. Bonuses - I have also personally spend some quality with Courtney and I can confirm that she really does live this thing in a nice and inspirational way.

There are 25 ways to make your job easier in 10 minutes or less. Now I' m eager to get to know you - what are your "just for fun" favourite blogs to reread?

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