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A cool portfolio

Are you looking for inspiration for your graphic design portfolio? This is a great function, we think, so that others can get to know him and where he has been. Top 10 great graphics portfolio samples There are a number of hints you should take when it comes to building a breathtaking graphics portfolio, but there is no "right way" to create it. However, it can be useful to look at the portfolio of graphics designs your colleagues have designed - not only to be inspired by their work, but also to explore the ways they have used to present themselves.

Indeed, even the decision that you don't like something in your portfolio can help you determine what you want to accomplish with your portfolio. So why not begin with this choice of great graphics portfolio designs? In his own words, Alex Coven "wears three hats" as a free-lance graphics artist, letter and front-end engineer headquartered in Chicago, USA.

Browse down his website to see his work, and up each page to get more information about this work. Raphael Kfouri is an award-winning graphics artist who currently works for AlmapBBDO. This one-sided portfolio site is a challenging one, but Kfouri manages well to give his colorful and effective graphics - among them individual pictures and montages - room to breath.

However, to present graphical feast for the eyes intelligently and with minimum (if any) mouse clicking to get to the goods, this portfolio provides a great deal of inspired. Heather Shaw, with nearly 20 years of designing expertise, creates booklets, menu items, visiting maps, booklets, business reviews, powerpoint and keynote speeches, engaging web sites, apps... everything her customers need in a nutshell.

Plus their stunning portfolio site bundles all these multiple works with ease and style. The large, fat typeface and the straightforward but efficient styling make navigation very straightforward. Stefanie Bruckler, headquartered in New York, is an experienced Viennese branding and illustration artist with a special interest in brand-name and creative content creation.

The minimalistic, grid-based lay-out, the subtle color scheme and the subtle use of fonts are all included in a solid, single-line outline. Comierowski is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based graphic artist specializing in illustrations, brands, identity designs and interfaces. Matthias van Schneider is a multi-disciplinary fashion stylist and creativity manager, native of Germany, grown up in Austria and currently lives and works in New York.

His focus has been on brand building and interactivity and he has had a number of prestigious customers such as Red Bull, BMW, Google, Wacom, Sony, Toyota and Ralph Lauren. Schneider makes full use of this, with a portfolio theme that contains many nice pictures. A lot of nice typefaces connect everything - there is an unusual amount of text for a graphics portfolio - and overall this site manages to convey the broadness of Schneider's expertise and the deepness of his work.

Grent Burke is a Toronto-based free-lance graphics artist and illustrator specializing in corporate image graphics, trademark identities and illustrations. He has worked in the past both as an in-house architect for large companies and in an advertising company. Just like van Schneider's homepage, Burke's homepage shows that you can use a great deal of text in a portfolio, but if you scrolls down or click Portfolio in the top drop-down list, you will be welcomed by a wide range of works in a screen raster form.

This serves as a paradigm for exchanging the right amount of information about a portfolio site information projects; not too little that it hangs you, not too much that it overcomes. Alessandro Scarpellini, an Alessandro Italy based artist, has worked for a variety of customers around the globe in the areas of fine arts, brands and corporate identities, magazine and package designs.

He is also the trustee of Visual Journal, an inspiring blogs about the best brands and graphics designers, so you can be sure he knows one or two things about trimming great works. His portfolio is not disappointing. There is a hint of refinement in the designs, with samples of his work presented in a reserved side show and a brief life in fat below.

It'?s not comprehensive, but from this minimalistic portfolio you certainly get a clear feeling for the person and the access to his artwork of this one. His portfolio site has a rather unique look, and the graphical scrolling down effect is optically stunning and extremely stunning. Briefly said, this portfolio website is truly unique.

Heintz is a Jennifer based in Boston, USA, a native of Boston, where she is a freelance photographer, stylist and stylist. As a recent alumnus specializing in graphics and information technology, she is also Artistic Director of the Northeastern University Political Review.

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