Cool Portfolio Sites

Coole Portfolio Sites

I' ll put them in a follow-up. There are 10 Divi sites with cool portfolio pages Portfolio page is one of the most important pages for anyone offering a portfolio of services. There are many ways to create portfolio pages. We' ll look at 11 Divi sites with cool portfolio pages in this column to help you get inspired for your next Divi game. Pages in the portfolio usually contain the following default modules: portfolio, filtering portfolio or full width portfolio module.

But there are other ways to view your portfolio. A few are building the portfolio with items like pictures, bubbles or galeries. I show a picture of the section I like and argue about what I liked about it. Wait till the end for a few hyperlinks that will help you improve your own portfolio page with Divi.

The website shows a listing of service items that open in the Heroes section, followed by a full width section to display a listing. Portfolio section shows service category, customer name and customer specification on the leftside and pictures of the projects on the right.

A thin separator separates each of the portfolio elements. On this page, the portfolio item is displayed in three rows and contains a section in a separate row. Each of the three segments of the table is overlayed with the client's own image and the customer's own name. Line symbols in the lower corner indicate the categories for the work.

This section shows an illustration of the selected object with text and a pushbutton above a wallpaper pattern. On this page, the portfolio elements are placed in a multi-column arrangement with no spacing between the pictures. When you hover your mouse over one of them, a cyan overhead will appear above the picture and a small rectangle at the bottom will show the name and category of the group.

Its portfolio comprises two and three column and changes the design. Pictures use different wallpapers and show pictures of the project on different kinds of equipment. On this website, the company's portfolio page with logotype, name and page heading is presented via an elegantly designed wallpaper that hardly shows through the black and white inlay.

This Portfolio section uses stylized filters and displays your project in a three-column raster. It rotates the picture and provides a hyperlink. It also contains a call to trade, a lead page and a telling bottom line with a QR key and following societal badges that fit the site's badge.

The Portfolio page shows a full frame picture with titles and descriptions in an overlays in para-laxe. As you scroll, a section of text is displayed with the name and site of the current job and the name of the person in it. Below you will find a galery containing full-screen pictures and a three-column raster.

Others use a similar design, where the pictures are displayed in a two- or three-column raster. It numbers each and every one of the above mentioned works and shows an icon containing the corporate identity of the firm and the offered service, the name of the works with a handwritten script, a brief outline of the works and a display screen.

Colours for text, borders and buttons correspond to the website logo. The portfolio page downloads Pinterest like pictures. If you move the mouse over a task, a loupe appears. Click on it to open the picture in a light box. Much of the pictures are full website layout, while others are the heroes' section.

The Portfolio page shows a full width picture with titles, taglines and buttons with an interesting edge that fits the colours of the website. When you scroll, the system shows the portfolio that has been filtered using a three-column raster. This portfolio shows the customer's logo in black and white, which is displayed in colour on the mover. This includes the name of the customer and the services provided.

One line on the right shows the name of the network in a text pointing laterally. The page is presented with a full width wallpaper with a tinted overlays and an elegantly designed page caption fonts. Filtrated portfolio shows customer logo in black and white. It overlooks the company's name and service as well as a hyperlink to see the product in action.

Next is a CTA, a two-column section with a wallpaper in parallel axis and a testtimonial slide control, soft followed-buttons, and an instagram feeder. This page starts with a large section with large text containing a caption and descriptive text. Mouse pointer becomes a large arrows and changes to a large palm when you move the mouse over an icon.

This page also contains a service listing, the Contacts page and the email address for the newletter. When scrolling, the bottom line becomes visible and shows a movie that shows through the section of text. This is our look at 11 Divi sites with cool portfolio pages to help you get inspired for your next Divi site.

Plenty of ET blogs feature features that specifically target portfolio or items such as bubbles, pictures or art gallery. So which of these cool portfolio sites are your favourites?

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