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Best-of-Breed Portfolio Websites | Web Design Inspiration One portfolio website can span a variety of base types. In general, experts, agencies, contractors and performers need a powerful media to present their work. For this reason, website portfolio or other websites that put the emphasis on your contents are some of the most sought after and valued opportunities for individuals looking for input for their own work.

There are 34 outstanding designer collections that will delight you.

There is a lot of breathtaking web sites with stunning designs and CVs. In order to excel in this difficult environment, it is important to make your portfolio as compelling as possible. When it comes to your portfolio, however, you don't have to be a star artistic manager or web developer; a hint of creativeness and innovation takes you a long way.

There are many free of charge on-line utilities, such as Behance, to help you create a portfolio without programming skills. Nominated after its two Kreativdirektoren Thomas Austin and Thomas Coombes, it is an East London based studios, which operates optical communications for physic and digitally environments, and its website is a perfect reflection of its exploratory and experiential view.

It' an excellent example of brutal web designing with many Swiss touch; we especially enjoy the Pamban Cafe 3-D wireless frame that you can control with the click of a button. As Buzzworthy himself described himself as a hard-hitting Brooklyn based online web site, his website is a hell of a business carte blanche, presenting iridescent weaving technologies right from the start.

Magnificent typeface and motion graphics are combined to attract your interest, and a keen sense of aesthetic means you stay close and discover all of Buzzworthy's work. Until recently, Barcelona-based Xavier Cussó was Vasava Junior Arts Manager, but now he works full-time with a breathtaking portfolio site - designed by Burundanga Studio - to showcase his work with vibrant colors, Inyour-face typefaces and virtually every kind of motion picture and every kind of parallel axis scroll gimmick in the books.

Merijn Hoss, visual arts and illustration creator, has created beautiful and detailled works of psychological artwork, but has taken an overall reduced and traditionally oriented view of his work on the Internet. Colorful miniature views emerge from a neat, gallery-like blank backdrop once selected to display large scale projected pictures and a brief outline.

The RoAndCo is the New York-based recording studios created by Roanne Adams, New York's artistic director. Our sales force offers high-quality designer, brand-name and creativ management services to a circle of customers, most of whom come from the fields of clothing, aesthetics, tech und lifestyles. Almost like magazines, the presentation of the project is almost like a magazin. The RoAndCo website allows the user to browse through shared pictures, web animations and full frame videos and is a well thought out portfolio that is very comfortable to look at in the webbrowser and on mobile phones.

The Velvet Spectrum is the on-line electronic technician of the fine arts and design professional Luke Choice. On his homepage, Luke has kept things easy with a series of colorful miniature montages that leads to the captivating illustrations of his work, shown in oversize for maximal effect. Leslie David, Parsic design, illustration and artistic direction, has created a wonderful and fascinating work with the "Je ne sais quoi", which only the French master.

Her work is simply accommodated with a typographical navigation on the right, flanked by a mixture of statical and motional miniature gifs that complement the peculiarity of her work. Located in London, Manchester, Studio Fight uses a range of dazzling special effect tools - from accordion scanning and motion transitioning to 3-D rendering by the founding fathers as they battle each other.

Tom Biskup's portfolio of products and services is a reserved and classy one. Utilizing an anatomical headframe to quickly involve the observer, the site sees the remainder of Tom's work behind a mixture of large fixed and anatomical miniature animations that take the observer to more in-depth case histories.

Tom's portfolio functions as an independent work and impressively demonstrates his talents for artistic leadership. The modern designer power package Made Thought takes you where others go. This is also probably the reason for the latest trends towards the generation of seizures through quickly generated portfolio websites. Made Thought chose a courageous approach with only one single motion picture, which quickly guides the user through examples of the studio's work with the displayed contacts.

It is daring and distinctive in its design; a itinerary perhaps best reserved for creative people. At first glance, the website of Wade Jeffrey, creator and artistic manager, is as unorthodox as the work itself. Launching page shows a design in this " actual state " - works, snacks etc. - of course with oblique detail - and the project section shows superimposed pictures.

Wade's portfolio site is another example of how the site itself mirrors the work and personality of the man who made it. Mr Mister has chosen a courageous stance by deciding not to publish any work on the landings page of his website. Instead, the studios decided on a courageous white-black typeface that describes the studio's focal point and offers.

After scrolling down below, you can select whether you want to dowload Mister's Portfolio or see a quick changing GIF movie in full image mode. It is a courageous and cutting-edge exploration of the classic on-line portfolio of designs and creates trust. Marleigh Culver's website is a straightforward one, but one that shows how careful color and font selection, coupled with easy layouts and easy browsing, is the keys to any winning web portfolio.

The courageous and fine work of illustrator Malika Favre is presented very effectively in her portfolio of designs. It uses a full-screen miniature carpet to tempt the visitor to look at the work in detail. After clicking the miniature views show a full picture galery with a free color background showing the work in a very effective way.

Morag Myersough's designer light's website looks more like an on-line visiting map than a website. Also known as Panda Yoghurt, Douglas Bowden is designer and 3-D artiste in charge of some truly breathtaking and award-winning movement work. Douglas' website is an ultraclean and modern matter, with large format preview and smooth moving animations that fit perfect to his work.

Presenting the project itself is clear and succinct, with a short explanation and a scrollable navigation system on a sharp blank backdrop, so that the observer is not distracted by the breathtaking movement work on the monitor. They use a variety of modern technologies, from full-screen videos to scroll with parallel axes to beautiful miniature views that respond when rolling over.

Big quotations from the recording studios can be found on the entire page of the landings page, which makes the effective editorial design of the recording studio's presentations and provides an additional degree of commitment. Pawel Nolbert, the fine art and design painter, lets his work stand out in his scroll-and-click portfolio.

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