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Not a joke, a good topic will lead your group from a boring gathering to the party of the century. Rife theme can definitely help you take your website to the next level. 101 ideas for themed parties Don't kid yourself, a good topic will lead your group from a dull meeting to the celebration of the twentieth-century. That' s why we have developed 101 adult themes and concepts that will get you to have a big celebration every week-end for the next two years. Havana evenings or a meal from the farmyard to the dining room, there is something for everyone on this itinerary.

So your graduation ball has come and gone, but that doesn't mean you can't experience it with a vintage one. Complete crinoline gown optionally. Let yourself be stimulated by Morocco when you plan your next thematic event. Why not get yourself Crafty: Why not furnish fabrics so your customers can make jewellery, customise T-shirts or stitch patchwork on jeans coats?

1980' s dance party: A princess party: Encourage your visitors to disguise themselves and provide everyone with tyaras. The DIY Spas party: So why don't you take your boyfriends to a spashall? Set up a manicure (which is amazingly inexpensive) and make a wide range of do-it-yourself face packs for them. 1920' s Speakeasy: Great Gatsby theme nights are always a big success, and for good reasons.

A champagne and dessert party: Yard to fork dinner: What's the point of having an informal dining event when you can be influenced by the latest trends and have a meal from the farmyard to the dining area? Make a supper with only local produce and your customers will be thrilled. Mimik Truman Capote's celebrated 1966 black-and-white dance, which lets your guest carry only monochrome.

The Flower Power Party: Go back to the sixties with a theme get-together. Put the ball on Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. Cause you' re never too old to toss a barrel of pogue pog. Lean Aarons-inspired swimming pools party: Make a retro-inspired swimming pools night based on the iconic 1950's and 1960's 1950's and 1960's 1950's pool-fringe photography of socialite photographer Slim Aarons.

1960''s "Mad Men" was Bash's inspiration: Let your customers disguise themselves as their favourite characters "Mad Men" (are you a Johanna or a Peggy?) and offer Don Draper's favourite beverage - Old Fashioned. Hollywood glamour party: Get inspiration from Hollywood's Golden Age and see bulls and men leaders like Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Clark Gable, Katharine Hepburn, Fred Astaire and Joan Crawford.

I' m going to Toga Party: Don't neglect to offer canned beers! Arrange a tipi (surprisingly cheap festive decoration) and let your customers come either as cowboys or as Indians. Snooze party: Let your customers show up in pyjamas, then see films and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine. Murder Secret Party: You will be amazed at how much your score will try to figure out who the killer is while they play this classical celebration time.

Carving squash party: Serving your customers squash delicacies to round off the topic. Picknick diner party: When you can have a nice little barbecue, why have a regular diner when? Place a barbecue rug in your garden and prepare your own barbecue food like a barbecue-dish. Custom dating party: Let the inspiration of our enthusiastic staff inspire you and create a team-oriented meal that will delight your customers.

Secretary Santa party: Don't just pitch any old holidays parties, pitch a gift giving one. Go to to organise the event, so the mystery of Father Christmas is really a mystery. Do your own pizza party: Purchase ready-made pastry and enjoy many coverings, from pineapples to Portobello porcini to ensure your visitors can really go into the city.

Masked ball: Let your guest dress in dark ties and thorn mask. Basically, the political parties will take charge of themselves. So for those who like to read Tolstoy more than rage in a packed nightclub, why not have a theme based celebration with Bookclub. Let your guest always take their favourite books with them to swap with someone else during the evening.

Gâteau decoration party: Bring small pies for your guest that are empty screens - many different colours of glaze and crumbles are necessary - and organize a pies decoration celebration. Ensure that you have to-go boxing so that your customers can take their pies with them. Create your own online gaming environment with online gaming, online gaming, online gaming, online gaming, online gaming, and more.

New Orleans or not, you can have a carnival or two. Nasty sweater party: Let all your next and beloved guests come to a celebration that carries theirs. Shaped teapot: Don't just toss in an old lunch: Organize a festive teapart with a variety of infusions, cookies and curdled whipped cream. Your guests will love it.

Let your customers come attracted like they would in high schools. Get inspiration from Mother Earth, even using inappropriate teacups to prepare your drink. Wodka sampling parties. Make sure to garnish with olive, horse hair and filled olive oil from bluecheese. It'?s a balloon party: That'?s the kind of giveaway you get when you get a good time.

Be sure to have enough beverages at your disposal so that your guest is ready to chant "Hit Me Baby One More Time" in front of the group. Hinterhof-Karneval: Create classical stalls and win prices. Topics like candyfloss and hopper pie will only enrich the topic.

Cause you really need an excuse to disguise yourself like a buccaneer? Paris ian Café: At your next dining event, you' ll be serving dishes from the Paris buffet style based on your favourite cuisine. It'?s a good idea: If you' re wondering what to have at your next dining event, think Dim Summ! Partystip:: Crazy Science Party:

Remember strange decors and labor themes. Provide all your patrons with a lab coat for the night. Wineparty and cheeseparty: There' s really nothing you can do wrong at a classical wineyard and cheesy one. Transform it into a potato and let your customers take their favourite wines and cheeses with them. The Black Widows party:

Bring your clients to an unforgettable night and ask everyone to dress in blacks and a faceplate. Freezing scary crawling animals in icecubes and letting them spider prominent in the décor game. Studios 54: Be influenced by the golden age of Studios 54. Grill the cheese: Let your next celebration focus on barbecued bread and vegetables and create your own do-it-yourself grill cheesebar with a variety of bread and slices.

Bring five of your favourite sparkling juices, wrap them in linen or sackcloth and let your customers enjoy them in an informal way. Hinterhof Rose Party: Dedicate a celebration to our favourite variety of Weinrosé! It'?s as good an excuse to have a shindig as anything. Channels royalties with an Anna Karenina thematic channel in Russia Bash.

Build a s' mores ward and serving yourself hot cacao at a bonfire theme celebration. At the Stars Movie Party: Gelishas and Samurais: Cast a Japanese-style dinner where your patrons wear either a Gelishas or a Samurai. Pitch a rose thematic celebration that would make Barbie and Ken proud. Ostereiersuche: This classical celebration is always a darling of the public.

Ensure that your customers get a to-go pack of what they have done (if there are any remaining, of course). {\pos(192,210)}Pasta party: Organize a theme celebration of your next meal. Served with your favourite chianti. Let yourself be enchanted by this classical film as you plan the décor for your next celebration.

This group will virtually make itself. Let your guest wear Mona Lisa or the girl with the pearl earring. Autumn harvest dinner: There'?s nothing to say we can celebrate like Tiki Coccktails. Organise a knitting and rose soda pop parties on a hot summersunday. Serving an old-fashioned meal to match the topic.

A dessert party: At your next celebration, why should you be serving something other than a dessert? Arrange a prick stop with different variants for your guest and take many pictures. Let this Stanley Kubrick classics inspire you when you plan your next event. Build a do-it-yourself coctail in each room of your celebration, with one coctail per room and all the necessary accessories for your guest to make that one.

Soirée: inviting your customers to the starry sky in your city. Provide stellar charts, a scope and some covers so that your patrons can lay on the floor and make themselves comfy. 1007 party: Let All Thing and James Bond inspire you as you plan your next big outing. Keep in mind that Surf's Up is up when it comes to your next event, and don't be scared to include Surfboards in your event decoration.

Let your boyfriends wear their favourite dim looks along with diamonds (rhinestones also work perfectly) for a funny thematic celebration. When we saw it was the subject of Sean Parker's marriage, we had Lord of the Rings political upset. Oscar ceremony: Have an Oscar surveillance and ask everyone to wear their clothes as if they were running on the crimson rug.

There is really nothing you can do incorrectly when you celebrate a cuban party with a theme. Take a blank shot with artificial snows. Get cup cakes from four to five of your favourite places for cup cake and let your score make the decision as to who makes the final cup cake. Downnton Abbey Watching Party: Get dressed up as your favourite figure and see the show in huge crowds.

There are no things like being too old to have a part of the truths or the risks. The Justin Bieber theme party: You been to a drugstore lately? Did you see all the Justin Bieber equipment there is? Well, we think a Camp Justin Bieber theme night is the way to go.

Look for a life-size Justin box cut-out and let all your customers take a picture with it. Turn your next celebration into an enchanted wood that will decorate your room with twigs and sparkling, starry-inspired lightbs. Sorcerer of the Oz Party: Use clues from The Wizard of Oz when you' re designing a décor for your next outing.

Toss a fashionably inspiring celebration with super models as your inspirations. Let everyone take an ornament with them, adding it to the trees and serving inviting Christmas beverages such as egg liqueur and Glühwein. They may not own a boat, but you can certainly celebrate as you do. Remember king blues and whites and many anchor motifs for your décor.

Shouting gangster parties from the 1930s: Let your customers disguise as crooks and deliver Prohibition-style coctails. Those who know how to enjoy beers will appreciate a celebration devoted to all things beers ( you can even include beers in your menu). Encourage each of your customers to carry one of these objects, which will provide great photographs and sets the mood for the decoration.

Cast your favourite cotch and have a selection of your favourite pralines ready for this nightmare of partying. Let yourself be enchanted by the food serving in an England café. A retro tenpin bowl party: Sometimes a good evening of punching is enough to have a great time. Do you plan an inconspicuous late evening scandal?

Let yourself be enchanted by the great and belated Coco Chanel when you plan your next event. Chanel is thinking that a great event would include lots of camelias and monochrome décor. There' s nothing as romantically charged as having a totally blushing outfit. Crimson décor, crimson blossoms, crimson silk pie - you get the picture.

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