Cool Themes for Android Phones

Great designs for Android phones

All our designers bring you a new cool neon keyboard: There comes with a lot of themes that are very cool for any cell phone. Now, simply because, themes can make your screen look interesting. This motif transforms all symbols into cool graffiti art with splashes of paint. While Google's Android operating system does not support designs by default, there are applications that do.

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Telephone Topic

Telephone themes or skins refer to the general appearance of the telephone's graphical environment (UI). These include colour scheme for menu and highlight items, wallpapers and Series 60 (S60) users and folders icon themes. Topic packages contain graphs for one or more modifiable elements of a cell phone's graphical display.

Modifying a design only affects the look of the user interface, not the functionality or characteristics of the whole telephone. You can find many portable platforms that by default offer themes such as Nokia phones with Symbian, Sony Ericsson and Blackberry. While Google's Android OS does not by default have design capabilities, there are apps that do.

Some websites provide customisation service for telephone topics.

A cool phone keypad

All our gifted designer have come up with another topic that we are very happy about: A COOL KEYBOARD FOR THE PHONE! DO WNLOAD Cool Keyboard for Phone NOW and make your phone as cool as iced cream with the stunning and powerfull blend of shades of blue that will let you even more fully appreciate yourphone!

For installation simply obey the 3 steps: Open after you have downloaded, click "Set as current theme" and choose the topic on the following page! We' ve added some stunning high-definition screen shots that will show you how great this topic will look on your telephone keypad! GO uses this design, so if you don't have it on your computer, you will be directed to a page where you can get it!

Menu on this subject are supplied with 48 different languages!

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