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Coole Wordpress Pages

Do you know any other cool WordPress pages? Twenty-one of the coolest WordPress pages you've ever seen. Matt Mullenweg asked in his blogs a few months ago for the coolest WP site you've ever seen to gather some pages for his 2012 State of the Word presentation. Scores of commentaries were written by our readership, detailing the most stunning WordPress pages they had come across. Couldn't help but review them all and wanted to divide with our readership the most glittering pages among those liste.

Take a nice cup of espresso (or tea) and get ready to be influenced by everything WordPress can do! 1.6 million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. Do you know any other cool WordPress pages? Just keep them in the commentary and we can just do another showcase.

Twenty Fantastic Examples of WordPress Pages

There is a class of folks who have no clue that WordPress is there. This is another group of folks who have tried WordPress, but never made it far. Then we have the other calibre of person who bends WordPress in an inconceivable way to create Web sites that are outside this realm.

Whatever your type, today's article puts together 20 fantastic WordPress page samples for your enjoyment. Inspired, but more than that, this article illustrates the unmatched skills and strengths of WordPress CMS. Let's packing our pockets and flying to France where we met Isabelle and Benedict, the fantastic boys behind La Pierre Qui tour bio-cakes.

Featuring full-screen slider, stunning images, perallax, an appealing lay-out, and appealing style-sheet animation, this website today ranks number one for its sleek, yet stylish look that makes you want a few cakes. Prominent people sets the pace, and one of the greatest trendsetters in the musical business must be Jay Z. With a unique approach to style and a keen eye for what it' s about, you shouldn't wonder why Jay Z's website takes our second place.

Featuring a slide control for the homepage galleries, a highly reactive layout and outstanding use of WordPress o-embeds (check out these sound cloud playlists), this website is an outstanding example of what WordPress can do with the help of an experienced designer. Flawless images are a big thing in web creation and the designer behind the Eginstill WordPress website knows that too.

A WordPress page is great, I don't have the right words to describe why Eginstill is so great, you have to see it to believe it. When your targeted group is young girls, their boyfriends and everyone else who would do anything to be ahead of the game, you need to rent a sheet of Cienne NY's WordPress page.

You are an on-line journal "...providing a view and outlook on the latest creative, inspirational and popular cultural messages. Designs score well with 7.57, user friendliness with 7.29, creative with 7.14 and contents trade shows well with 7.29. Welcome, women and gentlemen, to the ESPN Sports Programming website, which always uses the WordPress technology.

Yet WordPress bears the brunt of the people. Enter englzell, I, the web site of Alexander Englzell - a Swedish creativity manager - and you can sense how the extraordinary synergies of WordPress fill the room. Okay, no exaggeration, this is a WordPress site that's so busy in comparison to one-pagers and multi-pagers.

You' ve never seen a product range so easy and yet so incredibly stylish and strong. Surely you have come across HelloGiggles before - here you will find lots of information about our cultural life, eating, entertaining, work, loving, stylish and much more. Featuring an interesting mag lay-out, the smooth incorporation of community content, the smart ad placements and neat detail (like the "We love you" in the footer), this page is an outstanding example of all the things WordPress can do!

Bloomberg naturally deserves a place on this page because it's a good example of how much you can do with WordPress. The Bloomberg Professional terminal is (in their opinion) "the most efficient and agile ecosystem for finance experts who need real-time information, messaging and analysis to make more intelligent, timely and educated operational choices.

" WordPress was chosen for their promotional pages, frequently asked questions and blogs. Sorry, I didn't know we were browsing the great WordPress pages we had. However, let's take this trip a little slower and take a look at Katy Perry's WordPress-based website. Do not search further than WordPress.

Flash full-screen wallpapers, triangular truncated blogs, customized motion, a funky dual scrolling tweet stream, fantastic flash box art and more. Quite a great WordPress page if you ask us. Once you have put your brain and your soul into WordPress, there are no boundaries to what you can do.

Using solid menu, macros, parallax, CSS3 animation, and stunning typefaces among other things, you don't have to search long to see why I put him on the site. Iron to Iron was provided to us by Kevin, the designers, and Jonathan, the developers, and is a WordPress site that is well deserving of a visit. It' s a simple set-up, but slim styling, fantastic typeface, wacky animation and great images, among other things, make Iron to Iron an impressive WordPress site.

If you' d like to make a short stop, you can find us on 409 River Street, Troy, NY. WorldPress is not just for designer, developer, director and other technically skilled professional, but for anyone looking for an stylish and high-performance CMS. Yours is a multi-faceted WordPress page that draws the reader's eye to the contents.

"Following a lot of ressources and experiments with Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, I chose the latter, for my own corporate blog, The Tinderbox. Transition to using WordPress as a CMS afterwards was a logical step. What really sets WordPress apart, in my view, is the fact that my clients find it so simple to use.

They found WordPress unbelievably simple to adapt, and they never look back. All she has to do now is focus on her Canon and WordPress does the work. How can you deliver a massive amount of rich media to a global audience without impacting your website? They rely on the most reliable of all CMS plattforms - WordPress.

Vogue India has done just that, and now they can entertain a bunch of fashions fans with the best fashions video, story, news, pictures and more. You have so much CMS capacity to save that you can even buy ingenious ads.

Considering that WordPress is used by almost 1/4 of the web sites on the web, is it really so amazing that the Biebs are one of them? Whatever firm of designers he engaged, he did a fantasticjob creating a unique box lay-out that seems to perfectly match the musician.

And then we have TechCrunch, one of the most beloved tech blogs and a trusted resource for startup related information and newsgroups. These 100% reactive WordPress page offers a whole range of information in under 2. Be it the look, the speed of download, the great display of your contents and the many different broadgets among other adorable functions, TechCrunch lets you enjoy WordPress at its best.

Velocity, scaleability, presentation, performance and more in one CMS - WordPress. You use WordPress for your message centre. WordPress is a dependable, adaptable and easy-to-use application. You' ve taken full advantage of WordPress' advanced features to present a range of different types of assets, complete with video. Part of the website contains video clips, blogs, messages and postings on our site.

It' a easy side that delivers a pretty strong smack. There'?s a big bust going? We use WordPress to provide the best contents on all topics related to WordPress. In addition, we have some of the best WordPress topics and plug-ins available, such as the Total WordPress topic and the Symple Shortcodes plug-in.

I hope this compilation has inspire you to sign up for the fantastic WordPress host, find the best WordPress themes for you and create your own WordPress based superpage! It' s no mystery that WordPress is the most favorite CMS today - the big and powerful loved the site, as did newcomers.

Everyone goes crazy for WordPress. This is because it's unbelievably powerfull, yet so easily to be learned, set up, and used. Much of the websites we've looked at here are simply designed, but perform well in terms of features that should affect your next generation web site experience. WordPress is the simplest CMS available.

Apart from that, remember that some of these sites were developed, not by their owner, but by seasoned designer on behalf. I would like to say that there are many other large WordPress pages that have been written by programmers and also by ordinary people. So as such, we may have missing your favourite WordPress page.

Maybe you also have the feeling that a certain website does not match this brief listing. When we omitted your favourite WordPress page or you have a suggestion, please send us a line in the comments section below!

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