The Corbis Images Group is a provider of visual media for commercial photography and illustrations for professionals in the advertising, marketing and media industries. That''s what the founder of Getty images said about selling Corbis image. Last weekend Corbis Images released the news that it has resold its extensive photo library - one of the world's biggest collections - to the Visual China Group, a China-based corporation that has signed an agreement with Getty Images to sell Corbis images through Getty only. Whilst many a photographer was thinking about the futures of their pictures and salary checks, Getty Image's co-founder and president Jonathan Klein took part in Twitter to commemorate his successful acquisition of Corbis' pictures.

Klein compared Corbis Images to a female he' been tracking for almost 21 years. "It' nice to get the milks, creams, cheese, yogurt and meats without purchasing the cow," he said, pointing out that Getty Images can now resell the whole Corbis picture library without actually having to buy the set (VCG purchased "the cow").

Tweet didn't fit well with many photographs, and many have posted Klein for his comments as well. Even the Demotix photographs, the citizens' photo journalism agencies of Corbis Images, were kept in the shadows after the sales. The Demotix website is currently redirecting to Corbis Images, and photographs are struggling to find out the futures of their Demotix work and earnings.

Tank Man" icon picture. China's authorities are known to censor detail related to the Tiananmen Square massacre, as the photograph "Tank Man" shows.

The Corbis Image, which Bill Gates sells to Visual China Group

Just one of the biggest photographic galleries in the whole wide galaxy was out. Corbis, a Bill Gates-owned corporation, has divested its image boutique to Visual China Group, China's counterpart to Getty Images. Getty Gates is the first image agency in China to sell its image boutique to Visual China Group. The VCG is the same firm that invested $13 million in USD500px in 2015 and is working with USD500px to grow into China.

With Corbis Image being one of the world's premier picture archive and license businesses, this transaction strengthens VCG's leadership in China and its increasing domination in the global photographic market. At Corbis Images we have a library of over 100 million photographs and 800,000 video clips. Photographs contain some of the most illustrious and significant pictures from the nineteenth to the present time.

Getty Images will be transferring these images to Getty Images in the next few weeks and will combine them with Getty's 200 million articles to form a huge on-line photographic library. Established in 2000, VCG was the first Chinese photographic licensing agency to offer its own on-line services. Updated 23.1.16: It seems that the Corbis Splash News VIP photography shop was not involved in the sales.

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