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Mason is a clock maker where our core beliefs are designing, making men, women, culture as well as communities. We are passionate about perpetuating the traditional horological craftsmanship through meticulous material selection and contemporary designs. Would you like to work in an entertaining and vibrant setting that is relaxed and unfamiliar with the business? Last year, our studios developed further and moved their attention, and we are reshaping our standard of excellence. What's more, we've been able to achieve this goal for many years now.

Our belief is that Parisleaf is within easy distance of becoming one of the best creativity offices in the Southeast. In addition to our new creativity direction, the next Parisleaf seniors will be playing a pivotal part in supporting us. We have been looking for an extraordinary trainee in the field of industrial production for over 25 years. Together with our creativity directors and our production designers he develops innovative solutions for both of our own brands:

GRADUAL, The Role A CMF Designer at Tesla Designsudio, is in charge of the colour, materials and surface designs for Tesla's upcoming cars. Part of this squad, you will create and realise world-class shape, functionality and luxurious product. We are looking for a talented, enthusiastic, creative and humane senior industrial designer for our San Francisco office.

Planet Propaganda is looking for a visually stunning creator with limitless possibilities and wild imagery to join our cheerful Madison, WI squad. They have a pronounced sense of style in a wide range of fields such as web, mobiles, digital signage, identities and printing.

He will be a member of the Specialty Play Group Redesign Teams and will create concept products and convert these ideas into a production-ready work.

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