Corporate Websites 2016

Company websites 2016

World' s Best Corporate Websites 2018 When it comes to information technology, a company's website is often its first point of communication with the rest of the globe. Consumer interested in seeing the organisation behind their beloved product, prospective partner looking for a business that will interest them, or investor fulfilling their due care obligation - all this is putting a spanner in the works of a company's on-line house.

Like in 2016, the management consultants Bowen Craggs & Co. recently released a criticism of the websites of the world's biggest corporations, evaluating them for their efficiency. Bowen Craggs, in preparing his account, first took a listing of the 200 biggest corporations in the globe, calculated on the basis of capitalisation, and rated each company's website in different sections, giving it a total of 280 points.

Bavarian, a pharmaceuticals and lifescience corporation in Germany, the UK based BP Corporation and the Switzerland based Nestle Corporation. Nestle was thrilled with Bowen Craggs' wealth of information about various facets of the business and its activities, even though the location is not up to date.

All in all, the global coverage of the business is transferred. Further highlights are the coherence between the firm's local locations and information service for investment. Due to its global orientation, there are many different websites and, according to Bowen Craggs, it does a good job cultivating a topic with the help of joint masters.

For the full listing of the best corporate websites, take a look at Bowen Craggs' formal review here.

World' s Best Corporate Websites 2016

Effective communication of what a business does, what it represents and why it is important must take place at home. A few businesses do better than others. Headquartered in London, Bowen Craggs & Co. is a research and consulting practice that has been assessing the efficiency of the websites of large corporations around the globe since 2007 and has advised many on how to move their best digitally literate foot forward.

She published this weeks her top 30 corporate websites from a swimming pot of 200 (listed and criticized in our slide show below). Enterprises on the chart have all their websites searched by Bowen Cragg's staff, who create 10,000 word reviews each to provide answers to basic questions:

After all, what is this enterprise trying to do with what is its most important communications with the outside environment, and is it successful? Bayer, headquartered in Germany and ranked second in the Bowen Craggs Index, makes it very clear on its website that it is an interesting place to work to draw highly qualified people.

It is noteworthy, says Bowen, that the top European firms on the index are - the top US firms, number 20 on the ranking board, is the Ford Motor Company. This is the culmination, he says, of US corporations that generally avoid top-down web presences - a major corporate site that provides similarly created corporate subsites, all of which are maintained by a small heart group within the organization; a structure Bowen Craggs refers to as "governance.

" US businesses are usually more fragmentary in their Internet presences, with different business sector offices establishing their own offices with more autonomy from head office. "Few (US) corporations do things in one place," says Bowen. Every business evaluated by Bowen Craggs was classified into eight categories: design, messaging, contact, way it serves the community, investor, media, job seekers and clients.

We inspect all countries and locations of operations, but only look at brandsites in relation to how they refer to the corporate website. The majority of the index constituents sign up for the Bowen Craggs data base services, but Bowen disputes that any preference is given, which explains that the company's analyses are available to its members.

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