Country Themed Wedding

Wedding with country theme

Concepts for modern country or rustic weddings. These are some of our favourite ideas for a rural inspired party. One of a kind and affordable ideas for a country wedding in spring, summer or autumn. Grab everything you need to celebrate a perfect outdoor wedding in the country, from open pit projects to decorations, planning advice and more!

Seventy-five ideas for a country wedding

Barny marriages have never been so beloved, but you don't have to keep your wedding on a farmyard to get a rural atmosphere. These are some of our favourite suggestions for a rural party. Deliberately the scent is not perfect. Whites in combination with light green tones mirror the more relaxed atmosphere of a rural wedding.

Welcome your patrons with a wedding dinner at the blackboard supported by bale of hey. Organize your wedding in front of an open-air wedding band. Have your floral maid mirror your country atmosphere with an Ivy crown in her head and a moss-covered wicker to keep her floral leaves. You can use fir trunnions to maintain the tables of your guest.

Hanging flags and icicles light up this barnyard wedding. Sparkling lamps, candle holders and branches are all you need to make a rural yet memorable atmosphere. The long table works perfect in a shed. Rather than overwhelming flower crowds, line the table with logs, sackcloth and tiny packages of cool floral decorations.

Clothe a barnyard wedding with huge fluorescent lamps and tens of chains of light. Use a treedisk instead of using glas or metallic battery packs for each placement. Personalise your Masonic glasses to turn them into funny wedding causes. Rather than light a fire in the chimney, you put tens of trunks and tapers in it.

View quotations from your favourite country music. Allow your wedding hash day to pass on to your wedding party with a sweet plate of sacktags. Winebottles newly used as tables numbers bang against the neutrals of the birlap tablecloth and the trunk midsection. Lift your centrepieces above the desk with tall knots, fern and mosses.

Multistage biscuit cakes are a wonderful homemade variation of the classical wedding wouldessert. De-construct your pie and present single floors on multi-storey log pie stalls.

Cover your pie with sackcloth and decorate it with a vintage-inspired outline.

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