Cp Mod


cP Mod] This plugin allows users to save their location and teleport it later. Mod CP Home offers various statistics for moderating the forum. I wonder what you use to see the actual CP of yourself or a monster. An easy mod that adds an option to select an unlimited number of CPs as well as increments.

AlliedModders ( cP mod )

It also includes noble block, players visibility, spat heat, case damage heal, and players hide. In addition, a Bhop/climbtimer was added that will save the best amount of your data in a data base. In order to prevent timeout, the last control point is also added to the data base. Put the data base of your source code/data/folder into the data base so that I can gather and combine data for the different cards.

Activate/deactivate plug-in Activate/deactivate auto remove of dropout Activate/deactivate auto remove of dropout

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